The Veil of Forgetfulness – Q & A

The Veil of Forgetfulness – Q & A

Jeni Bosher asked an interesting question of the 9 regarding the veil of forgetfulness.

I’ve learned that we have energetic veils of forgetfulness covering our “third eye”

As we progress to the fifth dimension, will be still have the veil of forgetfulness?


Here is the 9’s answer.

The veil of forgetfulness is not connected to a dimension but to an energetic component of the Soul. You could say it is part of the Soul’s DNA, that when it joins with a human body for a new lifetime the ‘forgetfulness’ descends so that the memories of what the Soul actually is, where it resides when not attached to a body, and the experiences of other lifetimes do not break through. This is important while residing in the current dimensional state because the way for humankind to evolve would be hampered through the ‘remembering’.

We know that seems frustrating, but it is a Universal law. Rather than being a restriction it is in fact a clean slate to focus a new life upon.

When humanity reaches the fifth dimensional body this ‘forgetfulness’ will no longer be part of the Soul’s DNA because the body will no longer be in a physical dimensionality. The Soul and the energetic body will merge to form a light body that has no physical component yet will still be able to experience many things you can now experience, such as taste, smell, touch etc, but these will be on an energy level rather than a physical one. There will be no cycle of rebirth because in the 5th dimension you will experience whatever you wish to create in any given moment, and so forgetfulness would no longer be of use to you. It would in fact hamper your experience.

5th dimensional beings do not die but can eventually evolve to seem even less ‘human like’ in appearance, until they merge back into the Soul completely and look like a sphere of coloured light. At this level there is no experience other than that of the whole.

We are 9


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Q & A: Does spirit intervene for babies or very small children?

Q & A: Does spirit intervene for babies or very small children?

I understand that we have free will and spirit cannot intervene if we are making choices that take us on a less favourable route or path.
Does spirit intervene for babies or very small children when they are unable to make choices or decisions and all decisions are made by the parent or guardian?

Thanks to Jeni Bosher for this great question. I asked this question to The 9. Here is their answer.

We ask, with a gentle smile, who is spirit? We are aware that many on a spiritual path choose the word spirit to mean a collective of angels, ascended masters, ancestors, even the Universe itself. Any of these cannot intervene unless you ask specifically. Even when you ask, they might not always answer, because your plan is to find THAT answer yourself.

Spirit is the you beyond soul. Spirit can and WILL intervene. Spirit is all of your plans, ever made, in any lifetime. Spirit is growing as your soul grows, expanding ever outwards into less form and more energy. To do so requires action through the plans you made in each individual lifetime.

When it comes to babies and children, the life plan is set out quite rigidly for that portion of a life. It is the setting (especially before the age of 7) for the lessons and challenges the Soul has chosen to learn through. The parents of the child who seem to be making decisions and choices for a child are actually responding to that child’s own Soul journey.


Q & A: How did you first meet your dragons and how do you work with them?

Q & A: How did you first meet your dragons and how do you work with them?

This great question came in on the Q & A page from Simone Ivatts.

I first met my personal dragon, Seraphima in around 2011, when I was on a forum with my then mentor Silvia Hartmann.

We were playing a game in Project Sanctuary (now called Supermind ). In the game Silvia gave me an Egg. As these games are essentially played in the worlds of energy and dimensions, she didn’t say anything about this egg, it was my own energy mind and imagination that saw the egg as a huge blue dragon egg.

I took this egg to a cave behind a water fall where it hatched into Seraphima.

I used to play with Seraphima as she grew, in my own inner world. I now call this world the Magical World of I and I now KNOW that this world is a dimension within me. I learnt to fly on her, and eventually beside her.


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