To know thyself

is the beginning of wisdom.

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Socrates said, ‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.’

I happen to agree! And so I have collated information from four in-depth systems to create one report that helps you to do just that.

This 40 page report offers you the journey I took personally to remember who I really am, underneath all the conditioning that took me away from my authentic self. It showed me the shadows, answered those eternal questions of:
As an added bonus it helped me find my business niche, plenty of AHA moments and gave me a map to follow, to get back to the self I came here to be.


Although this report is the MOST revealing and helpful, I also offer smaller reports that just delve into one area.


Introduction to Kirsten Ivatts




I was born with a gift to see the beauty at the core of every human being. This gift has been a blessing and has activated a tremendous amount of growth for my Soul!

I was also born with the gift of language, and how to bring my deep insights to people through words.

For those that want to know, I am a Gemini with Libra rising and a Capricorn Moon. In Human Design I am a Manifestor, initiating through the Will Center with a 5/2 Profile. My Soul’s core essence that underrides everything I do, is Unconditional Love, and I am here on Earth to bring Peace and Harmony as I help shift humanity into it’s next evolutionary phase.

I have worked for many years with different energy therapies, and I am an EFT Master practitioner and Trainer, an EmoTrance practitioner and Meridian Psychotherapist. But mainly I help people grow through the conditioning life brings us, into their true self, aligned with their Divine Blueprint. I help YOU remember who you are.

I developed inner journeys and ways to understand your shadow side through my own, Magical World of I. I also offer Personal intuited guided meditations.

I am an interdimensional shaman and dragon rider. I traverse dimensions to bring to Earth the knowledge needed to help human kind. This knowledge and wisdom comes through as channeled or downloaded information or in conversations with those I meet in other dimensions.

Kirsten Ivatts

One of my favourite tools to help others on their journey to self knowledge ad enlightenment is Oracle Cards. Cards work on many levels at once, engaging different parts of the brain. The rich imagery of the card decks I choose can also be used as a leaping off point for an inner journey. Check out my book, HOW TO READ ORACLE CARDS on Amazon.

Know Thyself

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