The Perception of Happiness

The Perception of Happiness

I often hear people talking about all the things that need to be in place in their lives to bring them happiness. A lot of these things are learnt perceptions based on our cultures and religions.

The most common are:



A nice house

A great career

The ability to go on holiday at least twice a year

Being able to buy whatever they want rather than whatever they need.

A dream car


Happiness is quantified by how many of those things you have. And if you are lacking, our culture offers you many ways to ‘better’ yourself to give you more chances of receiving them. (more…)

Kingdoms Lost Chapter 13 – Runes

Kingdoms Lost Chapter 13 – Runes

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‘Today we buy tents,’ Farron announced loudly, strolling back from the nearest bushes, tying his pants as he walked.

‘It’s certainly getting colder,’ Zorbel said. ‘I hardly slept.’

Helian nodded in agreement. ‘How far are we from a town?’

Zorbel pursed his lips and frowned, looking at some imaginary map that sat in the air in front of him. ‘If we go back to the road, only about five leagues I reckon. Myself and Farron could go and get what we need. If we are following dragons, it’s unlikely we will get many nights in a proper bed.’

‘And the further North we go, the sooner we will meet winter,’ Helian said. ‘Although I expect we will be heading west again soon enough.’

‘Can you get a map as well please,’ Petra added. ‘I prefer to know where I am. I have never been this far North before.’

Zorbel stood and wiped his hands on his breeches, dusting off a few crumbs.

‘You forgot some,’ Kintra said with a grin, ‘In your beard.’

The big man stroked through his beard with both hands and then leant down for her to inspect further.

‘All gone. You are presentable now!’

Zorbel nodded and beckoned to Farron.

‘Anything other than the obvious supplies anyone?’ Farron asked, bending to kiss her head.

‘If you come across an apothecary get me a basic first aid kit. I am out of some essentials,’ Petra said.

The two men left, and Kintra busied herself making more tea for everyone. (more…)

Spiritual Highs and Lows – A few Musings

Spiritual Highs and Lows – A few Musings

There are times when spiritual experiences can seem a little like taking drugs…you experience a psychedelic high, meet amazing beings, know complete freedom, see the big picture….and then you drop back down into the heavy frequency of Earth. It can be a plummet for the emotions and mind.

I often find I want to share everything I have found out, after all that’s why I go off travelling in these different dimensions. And my new knowledge falls on deaf ears. Or very few people see and understand what I am talking about. It is a lonely place, this 5D reality! This is when my emotions can really take a pounding if I am not alert to them.

But I don’t give in. I learnt long ago that my findings ARE important for the greater good, and people do catch up. And more and more people are awakening to their own sovereignty, their own spiritual journey and seeing the big picture, or re-membering who they are. (more…)

Kingdoms Lost- Chapter 12 Stories Never Told

Kingdoms Lost- Chapter 12 Stories Never Told

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The campfire crackled throwing off sparks that sizzled out on the damp grass. They sat huddled under blankets. Helian had promised to explain himself once they stopped for the night. Now they stared at him expectantly.

‘Kintra, do you have the book?’

She nodded reaching her arm out from underneath the blanket. The night air was cold. Autumn was on its way. She handed the book to Petra, who handed it to Vlarimar, who hesitated, staring at the cover, before handing it to Helian.

‘There’s a passage in this book I want to read to you.’ He flicked through a few pages, leaning into the fire’s light. ‘The book is about Earth Magic. It’s meant to be used as a student’s guide, while studying with a Master. It’s been invaluable to me. I also possess WildFire. This book, and the Stone you now have, Kintra, have taught me how to control it. To a point.’

A log fell, rolling out of the fire towards Kintra. She jumped and gazed at the flames lapping its edges. Farron kicked it back into the pit. Sparks flew as it tumbled over the edge. Not from the log, but within her body. The Wildfire listened. Helian was staring at her again, talking to her. She could feel him. (more…)