Q & A: Does spirit intervene for babies or very small children?

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June 18, 2022

I understand that we have free will and spirit cannot intervene if we are making choices that take us on a less favourable route or path.
Does spirit intervene for babies or very small children when they are unable to make choices or decisions and all decisions are made by the parent or guardian?

Thanks to Jeni Bosher for this great question. I asked this question to The 9. Here is their answer.

We ask, with a gentle smile, who is spirit? We are aware that many on a spiritual path choose the word spirit to mean a collective of angels, ascended masters, ancestors, even the Universe itself. Any of these cannot intervene unless you ask specifically. Even when you ask, they might not always answer, because your plan is to find THAT answer yourself.

Spirit is the you beyond soul. Spirit can and WILL intervene. Spirit is all of your plans, ever made, in any lifetime. Spirit is growing as your soul grows, expanding ever outwards into less form and more energy. To do so requires action through the plans you made in each individual lifetime.

When it comes to babies and children, the life plan is set out quite rigidly for that portion of a life. It is the setting (especially before the age of 7) for the lessons and challenges the Soul has chosen to learn through. The parents of the child who seem to be making decisions and choices for a child are actually responding to that child’s own Soul journey.

For many this answer may look harsh. The trials of childhood for some are violent and cruel. While in alpha state, as young children are, this forces certain beliefs to be formed that then become the challenges to overcome.

Of course the parents are chosen depending on what the soul wishes to learn. And those parents are often (not always) part of the same soul family and are learning from the relationship too.

This does not mean, however, that you MUST follow the original plan for the lifetime you are experiencing. But before the age of 40 it can be very hard to break free of. The way TO break free is simply to let go of the three dimensional mindset that the Soul created the plan for. The Ego is essential here, as the ego also has choice. Working with Ego and Soul, rather than pitting one against the other can bring numerous rewards, including breaking the pattern of the current plan and forging a new one.

The idea that the Soul must make a plan to experience life on Earth, and to learn lessens to progress, is very much coming to an end. It belongs to three and four dimensional systems.

We have a question for you all.

How would your life be different if you made up the plan as you go?

What if you knew you could scrap the plan, at a soul level, and re make it daily, hourly, every second? What if you ditched any plan and set off to explore?

We are 9


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