A Message From The 9.

A Message From The 9.

I received this message from The 9 a couple of weeks ago. I have to confess that I am still unable to fully grasp all of it. This happens. They are after all a much higher vibration of me! I am sharing as I thought the concepts and information explored would be of interest to many of you.

Please channel through me the information regarding our real mission on Earth.


To manifest anything you know you must FEEL what it is like to be in the space of the manifestation already occurring. You know how important the feeling is. Feeling is energy, energy in constant flux and change. This energy is caught up by your intention and moulded into what it is you are focusing on.

Before birth you plan your life’s mission, the lessons you are here to learn. These lessons are energetic data, because you are energetic data. How could they be anything other? If they were anything other then you could not learn the lessons as they would not be a match to you as an energetic being.

Human form is unique in that it gives you, as energy, the chance to experience what it is like to live in a fully sensory body in a 3D world. This allows experience of emotional sensations that can only exist in an animal body, with the human mind capabilities and human autonomous nervous system.

There are other planets where other experiences are available, just as valuable, but different to this. Earth is the only planet at this current phase of Galactic time space where you can experience these things and learn how to CREATE from a space of connecting with feeling, emotion, intention to produce a material effect.

You, and every other energy being, is on a learning path to remember how it is to be a creator, in the way Source is a creator. Source is self replicating through you. To do this you must, as a species, learn the Earth way of manifestation, the physical manifestation of experience. There are many other ways to manifest, but this is the basic, most fundamental version. When you master this you do not reincarnate back into this Earth cycle, but go on to learn other ways of manifesting/creating.

To be a supreme being all ways must be learned/achieved. Source wishes to be more than itself. Source wishes to reproduce itself. This is the way Source reproduces. (more…)