Q & A: How did you first meet your dragons and how do you work with them?

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June 16, 2022

This great question came in on the Q & A page from Simone Ivatts.

I first met my personal dragon, Seraphima in around 2011, when I was on a forum with my then mentor Silvia Hartmann.

We were playing a game in Project Sanctuary (now called Supermind ). In the game Silvia gave me an Egg. As these games are essentially played in the worlds of energy and dimensions, she didn’t say anything about this egg, it was my own energy mind and imagination that saw the egg as a huge blue dragon egg.

I took this egg to a cave behind a water fall where it hatched into Seraphima.

I used to play with Seraphima as she grew, in my own inner world. I now call this world the Magical World of I and I now KNOW that this world is a dimension within me. I learnt to fly on her, and eventually beside her.

Over time I started meeting other dragons and a dragon grove formed around the waterfall where I first hatched Seraphima. This grove became home to Maulin (a big red), Akhetan (a green) and Krakatoa ( a gold). Now I have other dragons that frequent the grove, and the grove leads to a world where I work with other dragon lords to help keep the Gaia energy grid whole. I also visit the other dragon lords and Over Lords here.

I use dragons to help me in lots of my energy work. They help with healing, support, with energy clearing of land and houses. Seraphima and I have learnt how to open portals and travel to other dimensions within the Universe, bringing back information, sometimes just as an energetic package rather than conventional knowledge.

I also know that Seraphima is a visual metaphor of my Soul Matrix. So I can fly as her, as well as flying with her. We can travel through portals as dragon and rider, as just a dragon, or as a sphere. I wouldn’t say I choose which to use, I instead become whatever I need to be to enter the portal.

I hope that answers the question. If it creates new questions feel free to ask them!


Featured image by Anne Stokes.

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