How Did Words And Language Come About?

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How did words and language come about?

I’ve heard that back in Atlantean times everyone had the ability to communicate telepathically, is that accurate from the 9s perspective, and if so, why did we regress to spoken language, as this seems more limiting? ~ Jeni Bosher

We are happy to answer this question!

In the Atlantean era telepathic language was indeed in use, as was language incorporating sound. We must explain first the difference between both types of language.

Telepathy is not a language of words. It is a language of frequency. This frequency is interpreted in the body through feeling and imaginative vision. In other words, (smile) telepathy is vision and feeling. This means a lot more can be conveyed. It doesn’t mean that language is always clearer. The clarity is always down to the broadcaster and the receiver.

So, if the one emitting the message is in a state of stress, where the energy of the physical, emotional and mental bodies is in flux, then the message will not be clear. This is the same in all language. But if the emitter is balanced and calm there will be great clarity in the message sent.

Likewise, the receiver must also be clear and balanced in their own energetic bodies to understand the true message.

Telepathy is a broadcast that can be picked up by any. It is used more in entities that benefit from a ‘hive’ mind. The entities that the Atlanteans evolved from were a collective species and not fully formed in the physical 3D environment on Earth. As they interacted with the Earth, living on her, breathing her air, gradually trying the food and water, they became more ‘acclimatized’ and evolved into physical beings.

Being physical brings with it a different energetic body, and a different way of interacting. It creates an illusion of separation. The way the brain interprets everything around it changes.

The collective way of thinking disappeared, and telepathy became more difficult, so that Atlanteans began to use sound language. There was a benefit in this too. It meant that they did not have to share their thoughts and ideas with the collective, and so did not have to work in agreement with others. Free will and individual choice became available. Some may say this was the beginning of the end of the Atlantean era, because it created greater separation and the people, as they now were, could create for their own ends, rather than for the collective species.

This is where the division in Atlantean times began.

Yet sound is also useful.

You speak without thinking and understanding of what you do. It is something learnt within the womb. Sound is a potent and important frequency. It doesn’t matter if it is a beautiful song, or chant, or someone shouting in anger, all is frequency and sends out a vibration that widens like a ripple, gradually dissipating. It affects even those who are not within human hearing. The ear is not the only receptor of sound. Every cell in the body responds to sound vibration at a quantum level.

Sound was used by Atlanteans for many purposes. They were masters of frequency and used sounds at a level below human hearing to move objects, create holes, shift weather and Earth, and to encode water and crystals.

Language, as is in use today, evolved over thousands of years to encompass great nuance. Even now words alone do not give meaning. You still use intention, tonality, feeling, vision, emotion, to give the correct frequency to your words. If you did not, then the words would be flat and robotic and would not convey the full message. This is why it is so important to think about what you are putting into your words. Each word is a tiny packet of data that you project out towards another person. It contains far more than you are aware of. And even if no one else is in the vicinity when the words are spoken, others will be affected by the ripples. They will not consciously understand that they have picked up on the vibration, but it will affect the cells and their responses.

Children are far more attuned to these data packets than adults. Autistic people, even more so. They read the vibration and not the word. They can be easily wounded by these vibrations and sometimes throw up walls as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, this means they are unable to read ANY messages from others, and the problems that ensue are countless and varied.

We hope this has answered your question.

We are 9.

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