A Channeled Message Through The Lions Gate

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A few weeks ago I received a message from a new source, Alina High Priestess of the Lion Emissaries of Sirius B. I felt she was passing by and I just happened to be of a frequency to tune into her message. But as we have now entered the Lions Gate Portal I wanted to see if I could find her again. This connection wasn’t as strong as the one with The 9. These things take time to fully tune in as our frequencies create a match. But here is what I received.

Do you have a message for humanity at the time of this opening of the Lions Gate Portal?

The lion is but a frontal lobe phenomenon. (I see a woman with a lions head, but it is a mask that she removes. I don’t know much about the frontal lobe of the brain).

What does this mean?

The lion is the human projection onto us. It corresponds with Sekhmet and her peoples. Sekhmet wore the guise of the lion to portray her inner most essence, and to correspond with the alignment of Sirius which is the star system she originated on.

So we see a lion, but in fact you are something else?

We are an energetic form and can show ourselves in ways that help us to get across our message to humanity in the most effective way.

Like a shapeshifter?


So why do you call yourself Lion Emissaries?

Because we are of the frequency that shows itself as messengers and teachers of the Lion, to humanity. You understand the symbology of this shape at a deep and intuitive level because it is encoded in your ancestry. Therefore, it holds meaning that creates vibration. That vibration can be encoded with information for you to pick up.

So this is not a frequency of light but a sound vibration?

In essence.

I have felt a lot of changes in my own internal processes on the run up o this years Lions Gate Portal. Is this connected?

This year, the vibration of humanity is heightened as more people are looking in our direction. Therefore the vibration is encoded with more data, and can be read in many formats that will dilute the message into understandable language for different sections of humanity.

What is the strongest message you wish to project through me?

The message of Sovereignty. Of Divine feminine in action. The message of strength in diversity. The feminine rises through the masculine portal of Leo. The masculine holds the data packets for the feminine to distribute through sensory means. At the same time the masculine directs the logic in language. Both sides of the human brain can then pick up the information coming through and so use it in a far more extensive and beneficial way. The lion roars from the heart this year and the message will open up the heart in humanity in a new and profoundly different way. This is the beginning of a new era in that the heart centres of each and everyone of you will begin to lead the mind and whisper wisdom that the mind will convert into usable knowledge.

That is a different perspective. Normally we think of knowledge becoming wisdom. So you are saying wisdom will become knowledge?

Yes. Wisdom is the primary source of knowledge. Not the other way around. Humanity will have a pole shift. Instead of searching for knowledge they will begin listening for wisdom, and knowledge will spring forth from this wisdom to create a new way of being.

Thank you for this second connection. Is it alright if I connect with you again.

Yes we may connect again. You can read my first encounter with Alina here.


  1. Wow, this is fantastic! Wisdom becoming knowledge makes so much sense to me.

  2. This gives me hope.


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