2-2-2022 The Power of Numbers

FRactal reflection


What you are looking at is today’s date as a number. That’s a lot of two’s! But what can we take from this? What meaning lies within those numbers?

In numerology we add up all the numbers to create a compound and single number. Today’s date would then be compound number 10 and single number 1. But we can’t ignore all those two’s staring us in the face.

I like to think of dates like a journey. Which means the 10 and 1 are the destination, and the numbers getting you there are the route you must take. 10 is a number of wrapping up one part of your life, while at the same time allowing the potential for something new to begin. Think of the 0 as an egg. A single 1 is that which is born from the egg, but also where that new born will eventually return to. 1 is unity, but it is complex. It is new life, new beginnings on one end of the scale. But when life ends it goes back to 1, unity, Source, God. And within that space of oneness it is a 0, a potential waiting to be reborn.

As 1 is the end of our journey today, anything we do should be directed towards unity, oneness.

On an individual level I would be conscious of how a person’s name and birthdate might work for or against the number 222022. But today we are working on a collective level.

So, what does that little old two have to tell us? Two happens when 1 splits itself into two pieces so as to create companionship, balance, reflection, learning, growth. Number two is about you and another person, or you and another part of yourself (which may be in conflict).

Two is also the number of intuition, Divine Masculine and Feminine energies in a dance (think Yin Yang Symbol).

Two is associated with the Moon, a Feminine energy these days (although not always, think, the dance of the masculine and feminine, with feminine rising). This doesn’t mean women will get the upper hand today, it means that the feminine energy in everyone is strongest. That means the nurturing, caring, sensitive, intuitive, receiving energy.

Number two is always looking to create peace and harmony.

Five twos’ make up today’s date. This can be taken in many ways. It can point to working well in groups, and being aware of everybody’s ideas, needs, fears and allowing everyone to have their say. Find group balance and harmony to create oneness today (there’s that single number 1…the destination).

All these two’s can be pointing you to a significant partnership in your life, and the importance of harmony. You are, remember trying to create unity, the number 1, and trying to put aside feelings of separateness by allowing all sides to have their say, feel loved, wanted, secure.

And we cannot overlook the 22 which appears twice in 222022. 22 is a master number in astrology.

Master number 22 brings together the Spiritual and material worlds to create a powerful new foundation to live from. It is known as the Master Builder or Architect. 22 is an advanced number. It requires a person to use ALL their skills to create from. Intuition, spiritual signs, messages from guides, go hand in hand with hard work, dedication to the task in hand, practical skills. I like to think of 22 as the number of someone who is fully human.

If you have the number 22 in your own personal numerology, today is a powerful day for you to realise your gifts fully and to bring them forward in every waking moment.

For everyone else it is a sign that today may show you where you are forgetting to balance the spiritual and material sides of your life, or where you are doing well at this. It is a reminder to be aware and to use your gifts to create diplomacy through being fully you, rather than leaving part of yourself out of the equation.

We can also look at the stepping stones in today’s date to reach oneness, unity.

We begin with partnership (2) where the feminine principles are of importance. We continue to building foundations (2+2=4) that create balance and perhaps a deeper loving relationship (2+2+2=6). We then have a new potential (0) to bring about balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life and build a new future as a fully human being (22). When you are fully human you no longer feel separate but see how you are part of a greater whole. That unity supports you and makes you stronger.

How can you utilise this knowledge today? What can you be aware of in your dealings with others?



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Kirsten Ivatts is a guide, mentor and Soul Friend to the awakened Soul. She is an author, interdimensional traveller, galactic shaman, oracle, teacher and healer.

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