The Magical Community of I was created in 2016 by Kirsten Ivatts, and used with clients as a form of therapy.
From there it has developed into a way of diving deep into the inner world, the World of I, where your own community of characters awaits you! Rather than a therapy, Kirsten wished for a Magical Community of people who she could share her techniques and skill sets with in a fun, adventurous and enlightening way. Like all good wishes, this one came true, and in August 2020 a private group was formed on Facebook.

This group progressed to a paid membership where the more determined adventurer has access to everything Kirsten offers.

As a member you begin your journey, learning the core technique at the centre of all adventures within. You get to go on quests, as your own HERO, meeting all the many characters in your Magical World of I.

Yet there is more! Courses and workshops are offered, giving you life skills that will benefit you always, no matter what issues arise. These include learning to use Oracle Cards for self help and enlightenment, Energy techniques such as Tapping, and moving energy with your hands. You will learn to use the power of your imagination, meditation techniques, mindfulness and much more. As New ideas form, Kirsten adds content, yet your subscription stays the same. The price you join up at never rises. Yet the value of the membership continues to grow!

You also have access to a Facebook group for MEMBERS only, to ask questions, discuss quests, and find help. 

So what are you waiting for? You are the greatest story never told…isn’t it time you discovered what lies within?

Private One on One Sessions

Private one on one sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes in length and are conducted via Zoom.

The private Facebook Group of The Magical Community of I can be reached by clicking on the icon.

It’s a great intro to the membership site, offering some of the foundations of the technique.

There are three entry questions. Please DO answer them or you won’t be invited in!

So if you can’t decide whether The Magical Community of I is for you, come along and check us out!

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