The Magical Community of I was created in 2016 by Kirsten Ivatts, and used with clients as a form of therapy.
From there it has developed into a way of diving deep into the inner world, the World of I, where your own community of characters awaits you! Rather than a therapy, Kirsten wished for a Magical Community of people who she could share her techniques and skill sets with in a fun, adventurous and enlightening way. Like all good wishes, this one came true, and in August 2020 a private group was formed on Facebook.

As a member you begin your journey, learning the core technique at the centre of all adventures within. You get to go on quests, as your own HERO, meeting all the many characters in your Magical World of I.

Kirsten knows she needs to write a book on The Magical World of I…and she WILL…one of these days. IN themean time, you can find lots of info in the Facebook group to start your journey.

So what are you waiting for? You are the greatest story never told…isn’t it time you discovered what lies within?

Private One on One Sessions

Private one on one sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes in length and are conducted via Google Meet..