2-2-2022 The Power of Numbers

2-2-2022 The Power of Numbers


What you are looking at is today’s date as a number. That’s a lot of two’s! But what can we take from this? What meaning lies within those numbers?

In numerology we add up all the numbers to create a compound and single number. Today’s date would then be compound number 10 and single number 1. But we can’t ignore all those two’s staring us in the face.

I like to think of dates like a journey. Which means the 10 and 1 are the destination, and the numbers getting you there are the route you must take. 10 is a number of wrapping up one part of your life, while at the same time allowing the potential for something new to begin. Think of the 0 as an egg. A single 1 is that which is born from the egg, but also where that new born will eventually return to. 1 is unity, but it is complex. It is new life, new beginnings on one end of the scale. But when life ends it goes back to 1, unity, Source, God. And within that space of oneness it is a 0, a potential waiting to be reborn.

As 1 is the end of our journey today, anything we do should be directed towards unity, oneness.