Your Story

Your Story


My last blog post was about My Story. But what are our stories and how do they come into being?

We have so many stories going on in our lives. There is the overall story, you could call it the novel. This can be broken down into sections or parts, and then further into chapters. Our stories interact and become a part of other people’s stories. Sometimes we take on their story thinking it is our own. Our story can contrast vastly to someone else’s and create conflicting stories. But always we are within our own story, doing the best we can.


The Perception of Happiness

The Perception of Happiness

I often hear people talking about all the things that need to be in place in their lives to bring them happiness. A lot of these things are learnt perceptions based on our cultures and religions.

The most common are:



A nice house

A great career

The ability to go on holiday at least twice a year

Being able to buy whatever they want rather than whatever they need.

A dream car


Happiness is quantified by how many of those things you have. And if you are lacking, our culture offers you many ways to ‘better’ yourself to give you more chances of receiving them. (more…)

You Are The Greatest Story Never Written.

You Are The Greatest Story Never Written.

Do you wish you knew how to take control of your life and empower the best version of yourself?

We live within an illusion, one created by humanity. That isn’t a bad thing, as long as you realise that it is an illusion.

Our human story is progressing and evolving constantly into something new and we all add to this story and co- create it. We also create our own story that weaves in and out of the story of humanity. We have absolute power and authority to create this story in any way we like! (more…)

Do You Find Your Spiritual Path Lonely?

Do You Find Your Spiritual Path Lonely?

Do you find your spiritual path lonely? So many people say to me, I wish I lived near to you as I have no friends who are exploring their spiritual side like I am.

It seems, for many of us, our like minded friends are only available online. And, you know, this is OK. In an ideal world it would be great to have all those who are vibrating at your frequency, living around you. But look at it this way.

The world is changing and humanity is on a path of awakening. This is fantastic, yet it isn’t quick, in human terms. That being said, there is a definite growth spurt going on! If everyone who was vibrating at a frequency of ‘awakened being’ or lightworker/wayshower however you want to label it, were all in one place, the light generated by each of those individuals, in communion together, would have the effect of creating a pocket of awakening, rather than a world wide one. (more…)

The Twin Flame Experience – Breaking Down Walls

The Twin Flame Experience – Breaking Down Walls

Those that know me well, are aware of my dislike of labels. Yet we do need to differentiate experiences in some way. The twin flame is no exception, although it is probably the most widely misunderstood relationship, on a par perhaps with the term Soul Mate.

Let me share with you the knowledge I have gained regarding both types of relationship, through my own life experiences (with a heavy relationship focus) and my interdimensional travelling. (more…)