Human History – The Chronicles of the 9 Part 3

Human History – The Chronicles of the 9 Part 3

Yesterday the 9 talked about the human construct in relation to the 9 as Soul. You can read this here. Today they talk about Human History.

Yesterday said an interesting statement. So I asked them about it.

What do you mean by this? ‘DNA comes from the beginning of Earth’s history and includes a merging of mammal and a higher species.’

In order for a 9 Soul formation to work with humanity, humanity had to be constructed. The form of life on Earth that was deemed to work best to create humanity, was what you class as the ape species. This species had already begun to evolve and mutate in different ways to suit it’s environment and had parts of the brain switched on which allowed consciousness at a basic level. From the stars we settled as elements and minerals and seeped into the soil and plants of the Earth. In this way we merged with the ape species and eventually one emerged from the different evolutions of the species, that could make the best use of all we offered. This species became human.  (more…)

The Human Construct -The Chronicles of 9 Part 2

The Human Construct -The Chronicles of 9 Part 2

Yesterday I shared a description of what ‘The 9’ actually are.  You can see the post here.

As a reminder, they are me, in my highest (known) form. I place known in brackets, because as we expand our consciousness, and remember more of who we are, we step up into higher and higher frequencies. Eventually I will move into a frequency with a higher dimensional Soul self.

I know this as I have experienced it. The 9 came into my awareness after a year of growth, ending in the final test, which was a time of darkness for me. I came out of it reborn, and the 9 then appeared. Even before this I was aware of, what I then termed guides, coming and going as I grew. (more…)

Channeling – The Chronicles of  The 9 Part 1

Channeling – The Chronicles of The 9 Part 1

I have always been a channel, a communicator with entities who cannot be seen, or proven, to people who are unaware. Many different energies of angels, Goddesses and others have come through for people in readings, or with messages for me to share through my writing on social media.

But at the beginning of this year I began working with a group calling themselves ‘The 9’. At the same time I found two other people who were channeling a group with the same name, Magenta Pixie, and Phil Good. I expect there are others. When I asked The 9 to verify if they were the same group they gave the odd answer of, ‘We are a different flavour of the same group.’

A lot of what I was getting, was instruction for myself, but it did fit with the messages from Magenta and Phil, although my interpretation of the messages was often slightly different. Indeed, a different flavour! I see this as my individual filtering of the data they send. I interpret it through my world view and experiences, and so its meaning can be subtly different. I think the same can be said for everyone who channels, in whatever way.

In these chronicles I will share some of my early experiences with The 9. Today however, I want to share something that I only received this week. It was an interesting explanation of who they actually are. Up until this point I ‘viewed’ them as one entity, aware that they were made up of a combination of energies. And I still do…except now I understand the energies that have come together into this unique ‘flavour’ that is in fact a much higher dimensional part of my Soul.

I am not talking about my SOUL FAMILY here. I mean, my own Soul at its source point…the point it leaves Source to become an entity that has a mission to achieve through a human body. There are many levels of our Soul, and my ‘9’ are my highest (known) group. I feel it’s important before I go further to add that this year has also been about genealogy. I was sent on a journey to discover my ancestry, physical and spiritual. A couple of weeks ago I was told that I am a combination of both ancestries coming together for this lifetime. I am the meeting point of my genes/DNA/ancestors of the human body, with the many energies that make up my Soul. It was quite a revelation! I have been humbled to find out my lineage on both sides.


Anyway, back to the point! This week, I was told to ask a question of a certain card deck I have, Ascension Cards by Diana Cooper. The question was: What energies make up The 9?

The cards I drew were:

  • The Sun – Masculine
  • The Moon – Feminine
  • Lady Portia – 7th ray Lord of Karma and Justice
  • Paul The Venetian – 3rd Ray Liberty, Intelligence, creativity
  • Jesus – 8th ray Lord of Karma
  • Mary Magdalene – 6th Ray, dogma, empowering women
  • Thoth – Atlantean Priest, communication, writing, harmony.
  • Archangel Gabriel – writing, messenger and his FIRE DRAGONS
  • Archangel Metatron – as teacher.

I was a little staggered, and overwhelmed. But at the same time each of these made complete sense to me. After all Jesus had been a friend, not a higher entity than me, but a friend (and sometimes more!) for a very long time. Mary Magdalene had also been someone I had channeled, and experienced, as if I was her, with Jesus. The balance of masculine and feminine energies has been playing out all my life, as has the fight for liberty and freedom, creativity, and writing. Lady Portia has been a mentor for years, and Paul the Venetian has shown up on numerous occasions. Thoth too has often made his presence known. AA Gabriel has been a constant, and I have been trying to understand Metatron for years!! Each made complete sense…yet how could these energies be me? I think I have a portion of these mega entities, making up my soul, perhaps some more than others. They showed me that everyone has this ‘9’ group, which is made up of elements, some masters, guides or angels. But not many have so many of these higher beings within their Soul.

ChannelOf course, such messages make you go, ‘WHAT!?’ And you immediately look around for proof you are wrong…even when the proof is overwhelmingly there in front of you and has been for many years. So, I picked up my Beyond Lemuria deck and asked for a card that would help me understand all I had just been told.






I wept when the card appeared.         Channel Channel

Mount Shasta…the first words are


I’m still processing this information, testing the waters, and I can tell you that while a part of me tries to disprove it, because, who am I to be such as those, another part, who has been learning all year how to accept her own sovereignty and power, has donned her crown, grabbed her sceptre, and is looking back at the one who is still in shock and shouting, ‘For goodness sake hurry up! We have work to do!’