Kingdoms Lost – A Fantasy Adventure Story

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I have recently been penning a new adventure story, Kingdoms Lost. I SHOULD be working on part 2 of The Rainbow Stone Trilogy, which is about half way through. But I am not. What can I say? It will happen, but this story is coming first right now.

I often write stories to satisfy something in me that isn’t being satisfied by anything else I am reading.

Or sometimes I write because I dream a beginning, like with Faol’s Bane, book one of The Rainbow Stone.

Or sometimes I just get a first line, or a scene in my head that starts to play out like a movie. Or sometimes I wander into a scene on my interdimensional travellers that needs writing down, and from there becomes a story.

Kingdoms Lost was begun because a character and the first scene we find her in, ran like a movie in my head, and I wanted to see what happened next, who she was and what was going on in her life. The chapters are short, the language simple. There are a few curse words and slightly more adult scene. So if you want to share my posts keep in mind it would probably be a 15 in movie terms.

Anyway….the last few days chapter 10 has been infuriatingly slow in materialising. As I lay in the bath this morning I thought, perhaps you need some input. And then I got the crazy idea to just share each chapter, in first draft (so please be aware there may be grammatical errors). In this way I can ask YOU to comment on what you feel is missing, or what you want to know more of about a character. It is character driven, this story. I have never shared a whole story as I write before. It MAY spur me on, knowing you want to know what happens next…this is my hope! So please look out for the chapters. I will be posting them every few days under the Kingdoms Lost Category.

Read Chapter 1 Reminders of The Past

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