Spiritual Highs and Lows – A few Musings

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There are times when spiritual experiences can seem a little like taking drugs…you experience a psychedelic high, meet amazing beings, know complete freedom, see the big picture….and then you drop back down into the heavy frequency of Earth. It can be a plummet for the emotions and mind.

I often find I want to share everything I have found out, after all that’s why I go off travelling in these different dimensions. And my new knowledge falls on deaf ears. Or very few people see and understand what I am talking about. It is a lonely place, this 5D reality! This is when my emotions can really take a pounding if I am not alert to them.

But I don’t give in. I learnt long ago that my findings ARE important for the greater good, and people do catch up. And more and more people are awakening to their own sovereignty, their own spiritual journey and seeing the big picture, or re-membering who they are.

Sometimes I have to just sit quietly and watch on, as humanity, like some small child, makes mistakes that will help them grow. Or I sit with my knowledge of the behind the scenes mechanism’s, quietly, because no one is ready to hear the truths I have found. And after all…they are my truths, my perspectives, my vision of my world.


The important things all Lightworkers, way showers, spiritual awakened must realise is that, this is what we signed up for. We are here to set the stage for a new earth. We have the technologies at our disposal, and the understanding of why, what and how. We cannot sit on our laurels, but we can rest when needed, integrate, allow. At other times we can step in, speak up, help, love, awaken others. But everything has it’s time and place. There is no rush.

The most important thing always is to not distrust your findings, not fall back into 3D reality. Even if no one else can collaborate your findings. It doesn’t mean they won’t. It just means you haven’t found those people yet, or no one else has got to that information.

And we all have our own version of the data we receive anyway. Why? Because there are so many different types of people out there, that just one interpretation won’t get humanity very far. We could both receive the same data but as it filters through our own energetic makeup, mental state and personality, it may sound quite different. At times it could be polarised! I have listened to channelled messages other people have received and got something quite different from them.

It could just be that some of us tune into a different frequency of the same message.

Spirituality is not an exact science…trust is something that has to be your number one priority. Trust of what you sense and feel, over the language you hear. We are all learning, otherwise there would be no point to this sojourn on Earth.

I will keep spreading my knowledge. I know you will too. I will keep searching the universe for new understanding of how to help others. I know you will too.

It is why I am here.


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