The Business of The Spiritual.

The Business of The Spiritual.

Most highly spiritual and awakened people wish to share their message of truth, wisdom and knowledge with the world.


Because that is their purpose. Especially at this time in Earth’s history, these people are needed and indeed many are turning to them now for help.

BUT…there is a problem.

Many spiritual people find it hard to make a living and so support themselves and their families through their vital work.

Why is this?

The reasons are complicated and convoluted but put very simply…most Spiritual types have such a need within them to help others, that it drowns out the need to help themselves. Is this YOU?

Most spiritual people also find the whole concept of money terrifying…yes that’s right…its not just that they think they shouldn’t charge those in need of their help…MONEY IS TERRIFYING!

Again, I ask WHY?


The Twin Flame Experience – Breaking Down Walls

The Twin Flame Experience – Breaking Down Walls

Those that know me well, are aware of my dislike of labels. Yet we do need to differentiate experiences in some way. The twin flame is no exception, although it is probably the most widely misunderstood relationship, on a par perhaps with the term Soul Mate.

Let me share with you the knowledge I have gained regarding both types of relationship, through my own life experiences (with a heavy relationship focus) and my interdimensional travelling. (more…)

11/11/2020 Remembrance Day Portal.

11/11/2020 Remembrance Day Portal.

I am writing this on the 11/11/2020 a powerful gateway or Portal for an influx of energy into the planetary mix.

It is also Remembrance Day here in the UK. I hope you will all take a moment to sit and remember, and feel gratitude, for all those service men and women, dogs and horses, who gave their lives, so we have the freedom to live ours.

Last night I didn’t sleep a wink…love that saying!…

At 4 am I was talking to my friend in the States, Jeri Monts of Moonanbak Apothecary. At 5.30 am I was still lying there. It was ONE LONG NIGHT! This happens to me when the energy is high, or when something new is coming in. I don’t feel tired, apart from my eyes which felt like sandpaper. And something big was afoot. It still is.

It’s now midday, and I can still feel it. A low hum, a vibration happening within my body, making it an effort to stay grounded (so important to bring the energy in and cement it here).

Last night about 1 am, after a particularly powerful dragon ride through a portal that seemed to take me to a parallel dimension to the one where my Dragon glade is, I started seeing colours, very vivid, with my eyes open. Lots of colours changing, swirling, merging, morphing.

I asked, ‘What is going on?’

The immediate answer was, ‘Changing of the guard.’

I have spent a lot of my sleepless hours pondering that. Nothing else was given to me on a conscious level. It seemed fitting to mention ‘guard’ on Remembrance Day. But was this a changing of my guard, a universal pattern, both of these, or something else?

I have stopped judging anything now as good or bad, but something DIFFERENT is definitely happening through this portal.

Yesterday I pulled a card from the Earth Warriors Deck by Alana Fairchild. The card was Turquoise Changing Woman. This card brings in the energy of change. Some people quake at the thought of change. I am always excited by it!


So, as I write this, I pull a card from the same deck asking what this portal is ushering in for us. The card is one I get on a regular basis and it always brings a feeling of warmth. Right now, I am almost in tears, gratitude washing through me, a part of me reaching to hug those coming in, those I have known, those parts of my Soul who complete me. The Kin. My Kin. Your Kin. Those who are working with us to bring about planetary ascension by awakening the masses to a love based reality, rather than a fear based one.


Why have they come now? This card is all about reaching spiritual maturity, and as a planet we have reached a new level. This year the tide has truly turned. There are more of us who know how to hold the light, awakening those around us, and that number grows. We have earned our stripes (another military reference). Our growth is being acknowledged. We are ready now for a new phase to begin. Timing is important. Hover like the hawk and breathe. See the details of what is happening in the world, while also keeping your distance so as not to become enmeshed in the fear based scenarios. See the wider meanings, the deeper meanings, and know that they are playing out for a reason. It is OK. All you and I have to do is hold the light, find the joy and let it fills us, over spilling into the energy fields around us.

The new guard have arrived. Yet they are also the old guard. The ones we are birthed from, the ones who hold us up, love us without condition. No longer are they separate; we have raised the frequency of Earth to the point where they may now enter.

Today we remember our destiny. Take a moment now. Breathe. Invite in the new guard. Feel how much you are loved.


The Download – Reclaiming Lost Energy – Chapter 1

The Download – Reclaiming Lost Energy – Chapter 1

My book, Reclaiming Lost Energy is now available as a pdf Ebook in my shop. This is Chapter 1.


I often get what I refer to as a ‘download’ of information and energy in bed at night. I think of them as neural pathways opening to reveal new information from the vast databank that is available to all, if we were just aware enough to allow it. Some people call this the Akash and have rituals they use to access it.


I have found that many people access this pool of knowledge without knowing what they are doing. I don’t think rituals are necessary, although to get the clearest information it helps to be open to receiving it and not blocking any ‘downloads’ by telling yourself you are just making it up.

People are far more magical than they believe!


One such night, I got a significant download of information regarding energy. One part that was very interesting related to cutting cords. Many people cut cords, to sever the connection on an energetic level to an event or person, but I have never liked it, it always felt wrong. Now I know why!


Cutting cords is NOT the way to go about this! Neither can you release the energy that attaches you to others, or to events. The release happens, but from the other end. (more…)

The Chakra System – A Vision and Download

The Chakra System – A Vision and Download

It must be four or five years since I received this vision or download of information regarding the Chakra system. I came across it today, when looking through old pieces of writing. It  is quite fascinating!

Many Eastern cultures rely on their understandings of the Chakra (and energy meridian) systems for healing and flowing energy blockages. But what I have learnt in my own Energy work is that people have blockages in many areas of the body and by only using the Chakra system to work with those people, you are missing the detail. It doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just isn’t as fast or effective.

One Energy system I use very effectively is called EmoTrance, and this method is very quick, simple and completely Chakra free. (more…)



The imagination is the most powerful tool we possess as human beings. It is our imaging device that we create our world with.

When you say, ‘Oh I must have just imagined it,’ you are in effect playing into your limitations, or rather the limitations placed on imagination by societies and religions. In reality the imagination has no limits. Using your imagination you can explode through boundary after boundary until you are exploring realms and dimensions that are dissimilar to Earth and all that we know upon it.

If we had no imagination we would be as animals. Sentient beings but without the ability to create our world. The imagination is what makes us amazing.


Image by Rhezus Magdayao from Pixabay

So why is it treated so badly? I was once told by a school teacher that my son used his imagination too much. I had to sit on my hands to not throttle the man! It served to show me how the education cannot cope with classrooms of children who use their imagination. And it has been shown that the most intelligent, creative and imaginative children are often the most disruptive in school, because they are bored, but also curious and had the feeling of constriction placed upon the mind in a school environment.

I got round this by writing and drawing constantly. Both of these mediums allowed me to use my imagination and the creativity that stems from it. But I have learned far more in my own studies since leaving school than I did while attending.

The problem that any controlling group has, is how to keep a peaceful environment. No matter how good the intentions of this controlling group, they can only control by limitation. If you encourage the imagination to be studied, explored, and expanded you encourage people to rebel against the limitations you set in place. When you reach the place I am at, having broken through boundary after boundary, you look at the world differently. You feel as if you are, for the most part, living on a planet populated with an inferior species. That sounds awful, but the vast majority of people have a completely different perspective to me on what life is, what matters, what you can and can’t do….the list is a long one.

I am not being arrogant, or talking through some godlike complex, it’s just that I have used my imagination to break through my inner limitations. You soon learn that by doing this you find new limitations that you then push through only to find more. In this way your imagination expands.


What the controlling groups fail to see is that as your imagination expands, and you see the problems of society from a higher perspective, you engage the heart more. So you do not become war like, or have some wish to overthrow anyone, but instead you want to teach and show others how to be and feel this way. Because nothing surpasses it.

You want to raise humanity to your level. Its lonely up here!

So what exactly is IMAGINATION.

I think of it as the place where our conscious mind connects with our subconscious mind AND our higher consciousness, which could be called the Energy mind or the Soul mind. It is a meeting of these three parts, which is why it is such an epic tool. By using your imagination properly (and this means engaging all the senses and emotions into your imaginings) you can affect the world you live in. As we know from the law of attraction, which is gradually becoming a proven theory within Quantum physics, if you combine feeling with vision of what you want, effectively, that thing will materialise, as long as you can eliminate doubt. Where people trip up when using the LOA is that they forget that they are engaging imagination. In fact many people do not know how to use their imagination at all. The current society produces a very much robotic mind state with a set life path, which, when deviated from, causes problems for the individual, because others judge them, and society stops supporting them.

By Kirsten Ivatts

As an edge dweller myself in many ways, I know this to be true. Wouldn’t it be a relief to all those trying to engage the LOA if they were told you just have to spend some time imagining it….of course explaining that proper use of the imagination involves ALL the senses including the sixth sense. Many people try so hard and fail, and then think they must be useless or unloved or the Universe has something against them or that karma is working against them. Of course this is also their imagination at work, but only working within the subconscious state, but as the subconscious mind controls the brain and how the body functions, it has a lot of say over what your reality actually becomes. It is only by teaching people to engage all three areas of the mind that the imagination is fully utilised.

The imagination is like modelling clay, or a sand box, or a chalk board. You can dream something up, even bring it into form, and then, if you don’t like it, you can wipe the slate cleans and begin again. That is how it’s meant to be used, but people get caught in their societies version of life and don’t realise they can break free.

I believe that, by growing the imagination we light up areas of the brain that usually lie dormant. Here is something to consider. I think there is a link but I have no proof. Only 5% of the Universe is normal matter. The rest is made up of dark matter and dark energy. What is the dark energy, approximately 65% of our known Universe, is what we dip into when utilising imagination?

I believe that our imagination is our power to shape energy, AND to engage with energy as if it were a data stream. As we blast through boundaries we encounter new data streams, different energy stemming perhaps from a different source. This energy reacts with our three minds slightly differently allowing us to imagine in more powerful ways. This means that you start to switch on things that are thought of as paranormal or fantastical in nature. Telepathy, psykonesis, psychic abilities, all the clairs, and all those things that are apparently only available to Buddhist monks who have sat in meditation most of their lives such as teleportation, floating in mid air, moving things with the mind, healing people. In fact all they are only people engaging in different data streams that hold different information and switch on different areas of our DNA, lighting them up to produce memory that we do not usually have.

Did you know that if you imagine your body doing something, lets say running, and you really feel as if you are engaging in that activity, your body will change, muscle will grow, as if you had really done it? You must do it daily and diligently, just as you would if you were actually running. This type of training is utilised in sports, by musicians, and in other ways and is proven to work. This is the imagination, used correctly. It can actually fool the part of our brain that runs the body into building the muscles and abilities needed for the task. If its proven why isn’t more time spent using this? Especially in rehabilitation. Is it lack of time? I think it is more a lack of belief that this is possible by Joe public, and so becomes a waste of time and energy on those who could help them implement it. Isn’t that a sad indictment of our society?