Do You Find Your Spiritual Path Lonely?


Do you find your spiritual path lonely? So many people say to me, I wish I lived near to you as I have no friends who are exploring their spiritual side like I am.

It seems, for many of us, our like minded friends are only available online. And, you know, this is OK. In an ideal world it would be great to have all those who are vibrating at your frequency, living around you. But look at it this way.

The world is changing and humanity is on a path of awakening. This is fantastic, yet it isn’t quick, in human terms. That being said, there is a definite growth spurt going on! If everyone who was vibrating at a frequency of ‘awakened being’ or lightworker/wayshower however you want to label it, were all in one place, the light generated by each of those individuals, in communion together, would have the effect of creating a pocket of awakening, rather than a world wide one.

At present we are all beacons of light in our area. As we continue our inward journey, clearing away the shadows that hide our inner light, we shine brighter and brighter. In terms of energy, our energetic field expands. It touches the fields of others around us, helping them to awaken. The frequency of sound and light you generate, goes even further. From above this looks like a giant grid, with points of light, and lines stretching out from each of these points like a giant star. There are some areas that are more ‘alight’ than others, and some where those who are awakened stand VERY much alone. But each of those points of light is touching someone.

This is a well thought out plan. If we were all in one place, the majority of the world would be dark. And while you may feel it would be great to be in a community of such a high frequency of individuals, I can tell you, most are not yet ready to withstand that frequency all the time. Most of us are in a process of awakening, and everyone is in a different place. Those around us that feel as if they are draining us, and bringing us down, are there for our benefit. They remind us to keep to the process, to find those shadows within us, to keep growing into our wisdom. You will know when you are awakened as you will hold such light that no one will ever be a drain on you, or trigger you, and you will see everyone with compassionate eyes.

As I said…its a long process!

It is wonderful to find ‘our tribe’ online. To connect, to support, to send energy when it is needed. But we each of us came here on a mission of Galactic importance. We agreed to be the light in the dark. We knew it would be hard at times, lonely, hard to bear. Yet we also knew that it would grow our Soul, that it would propel this growth forward in a way, no other lifetime has done on such a mass scale. Your Soul is preparing to make the leap to a new frequency, and it needs this lifetime to do so.

So it may seem lonely when you walk this path. It may seem that the only people who understand you are miles away. It may seem that you have the darkness to face alone. But this is your human ego mind only seeing the third and fourth dimensional reality. It is time to look beyond that. Your imagination is not bound to the ego mind. It can easily access the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. Some can go even further! And it is NOT lonely there.

Life is an adventure. You are the Hero of your adventure. You have everything you need to succeed. The only thing you lack is the belief in your own power. It’s time to change that.


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By Kirsten Ivatts

Kirsten Ivatts is a guide, mentor and Soul Friend to the awakened Soul. She is an author, interdimensional traveller, galactic shaman, oracle, teacher and healer.

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  1. I needed to read this today! As much as I am enjoying the start of my awakening, I am so appreciative of the groups online that I have come across. My family and friends are very dear to me, and they do listen when I tell them of my awakening, but they do say its hard for them to comprehend. I dont feel above them and still know that we are all equal beneath the veil of what seems to be separate ness. I am early into my journey. But appreciate finding these communities online, plus there are some great youtubers that share their own awakening experiences. That really helps!

    • Yes the online world has been a boon for us. A way to connect, learn and understand what is happening.


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