Human History – The Chronicles of the 9 Part 3

Human History

Yesterday the 9 talked about the human construct in relation to the 9 as Soul. You can read this here. Today they talk about Human History.

Yesterday said an interesting statement. So I asked them about it.

What do you mean by this? ‘DNA comes from the beginning of Earth’s history and includes a merging of mammal and a higher species.’

In order for a 9 Soul formation to work with humanity, humanity had to be constructed. The form of life on Earth that was deemed to work best to create humanity, was what you class as the ape species. This species had already begun to evolve and mutate in different ways to suit it’s environment and had parts of the brain switched on which allowed consciousness at a basic level. From the stars we settled as elements and minerals and seeped into the soil and plants of the Earth. In this way we merged with the ape species and eventually one emerged from the different evolutions of the species, that could make the best use of all we offered. This species became human. 

There are many tales, from Sumeria and other ancient texts that talk of an advanced race settling on Earth and mating with the humans here. They are sometimes called the Annunaki. Is this not true? Was it more of an evolutionary process?

We answer yes it is true and no it is not true, for all is true on one level. Think of the tale of the Garden of Eden, and the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve were supposed to have eaten. This is an analogy of what happened. There were areas where the star elementals and mineral structures settled in greater density. This was a combination of solar winds, and the different environments on the Earth’s surface. And so the plants that grew in the area that was once Sumeria held a higher density of these elements. This created a far more evolved human than in other places on Earth. Because the elementals held memory, they were in effect data banks of information, they worked quickly to form a race of humans who seemed ‘God like’ to those who had no access to these foods. These foods were closely guarded, restricted to only this more evolved human. They learnt very quickly how to use the foods to their advantage so as to access technologies, knowledge and memory from distant star systems where they originated. They became the Annunaki, although this name has many interpretations and variants.

You also know the Annunaki as Lemurians. Though it must be said that Lemuria existed in a parallel timeline that no longer matches up with this one. There was a convergence when the great city of Atlantis sunk into the oceans, causing an imbalance in the Gaia grid that knocked the time lines apart.

Once this race understood who they were, they were able to contact their cousins in other systems, and eventually they left Earth, as the lower frequency became too hard to live within. The race that took over, we the ones that sat under the Annunaki in the hierarchy. They too were advanced to a point. Once the Annunaki left they became the keepers of the knowledge of the star elementals, and gathered up what they could, leaving Sumeria to a lower race, more war like race.

The Atlantean age then began in a new part of Earth, in what is now the Mediterranean area. Yet the baser human traits were more prevalent in Atlantean times, than they ever were in Lemuria, and ego became greater than wisdom.

This was part of the plan for Earth once the Annunaki had left. When the Annunaki were still on Earth the plan was a different one.

There is a dimension where the Annunaki never left. Many beings, entities, energies that are thought of as Angels, star beings, Ascended Masters exist on this version of Earth. It is highly advanced and the greater plan is to bring all versions of earth to completion and merge them with this reality. Now when Souls are formed, they are ‘created’ on this version of Earth with the wisdom and knowledge there contained. This is why it seems a new race of starseeded children are being born, thinking and feeling differently to others on Earth. They come from a higher dimensional reality of Earth.

You are different and yet you are also of this higher dimension. You are a keeper of the seeds and codes that allow for the advancement of the Earth, bringing it to the point where this new ‘race of humans’ the children now being born, will be able to live and function correctly, in alignment with the planet herself. This in turn will bring Earth into her full Gaia matrix. You, as all who can be termed as Starseeds, hold these codes. The reason your human DNA (from Annunaki) and SOUL ‘DNA’ (also from Annunaki) had to be a match this lifetime is because of this mission. It would not be possible for you to hold the seeds and codes without this construct.

The 9 are always quick to point out to me, that right and wrong are an illusion. There are many versions of the story of humanity. All that comes through is correct through the filter of a particular channel. This means that everyone will find a version that matches their frequency. Each version holds the same codes to awaken memory in an individual. I found this version interesting  because I had never heard it put in this way before!


Part 1 of the Chronicles of the 9 can be found here.

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