The Human Construct -The Chronicles of 9 Part 2

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Yesterday I shared a description of what ‘The 9’ actually are.  You can see the post here.

As a reminder, they are me, in my highest (known) form. I place known in brackets, because as we expand our consciousness, and remember more of who we are, we step up into higher and higher frequencies. Eventually I will move into a frequency with a higher dimensional Soul self.

I know this as I have experienced it. The 9 came into my awareness after a year of growth, ending in the final test, which was a time of darkness for me. I came out of it reborn, and the 9 then appeared. Even before this I was aware of, what I then termed guides, coming and going as I grew.

I want to share a little more of what came to me at the beginning of this week, which explains a little about our human construct. The 9 talk about things dimensionally and I have had to learn to ‘see’ lots of dimensions working together when they explain things, which, at times, hurts the brain! But the more I do it, the more the unused areas come online, and it gets easier.

I asked them, does everyone have a ‘9’?

Yes! Your own 9 is personal to you and is the individual parts of the essence of who you are. They are the energies that come together to form a Soul with a mission on Earth as a human being. They are your knowledge and wisdom gained through lifetimes. Everyone has a ‘9’, but not everyone communicates consciously with them. This is only possible when you reach the matching frequency.

Does everyone’s 9 include Archangels and Ascended Masters, or higher energetic entities?

No. Many people are a mix of elements with one or two conscious energetic entities within the mix. It takes strength to hold together the energies that create your Soul. This strength comes from many lifetimes of work and shows the maturity of a Soul.

You can create oneness from many, while at the same time knowing that there is no many, there is only one.

 A human is an amalgamation of a mammal, a mind and a Soul working as a trinity. At present many humans are out of balance, yet it is also true that as they awaken the balance begins to restore. The memories return, and sovereignty is regained as a species. This is your present timeline. Other timelines are considerably less balanced than the one you inhabit.

For a ‘9’ to come into human form is not simple. We will try and simplify the overall construct of a human. The lineage is of utmost importance for a ‘9’ so that a mission can be completed. Yet we draw your attention to the fact that some missions are conducted over many lifetimes. The process of death of the human body slows this process, and once humanity awakens and comes online in greater capacity, the life expectancy will increase, with the potential of immortality.

DNA comes from the beginning of Earth’s history and includes a merging of mammal and a higher species.

The experiences of the parents and grandparents are also important to instill certain belief constructs in the child form of the human vessel the Soul joins with.

The birth timing ( the energies produced on Earth at a certain place at a certain time by the positioning of other masses in the galaxy) are also of utmost importance to bring certain personality traits into the human body that will allow for the successful completion of the Soul mission.

This is a simplified version!

You have seen us as your spiritual team, offering you wisdom and support. This is true on one level. Seeing us as separate enables you to relate to us, in a very human way, and this allows your brain to take onboard the information we impart. If working with us was nonsensical to your brain, then it would bypass our information. But now you are at a stage where we have shared that we are in fact you. You are have this wisdom and knowledge, in your Soul construct. This now makes sense to you, even though it was also a jolt to step into that knowledge. As you know now, you experience these physical ‘jolts’ as you make the leap into a new frequency. You no longer have to ask us questions, although you still feel the need, so that you can stand back from the information to see it from all angles. There is no harm in this. But you are also aware that you speak our knowledge and wisdom when triggered by someone asking you a question, or someone suffering needlessly.

So there you are! Today’s instalment from the 9. Tomorrow is a biggy!! There is one statement on here that I had to ask about. Can you guess which one it is?

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  1. This is amazing! Trying to figure out what statement you had to ask about, but I can’t, as there are loads I would need to ask about! Will read part 3 now to see if I find out that way 😊

    • 🙂


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