The Chakra System – A Vision and Download

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It must be four or five years since I received this vision or download of information regarding the Chakra system. I came across it today, when looking through old pieces of writing. It  is quite fascinating!

Many Eastern cultures rely on their understandings of the Chakra (and energy meridian) systems for healing and flowing energy blockages. But what I have learnt in my own Energy work is that people have blockages in many areas of the body and by only using the Chakra system to work with those people, you are missing the detail. It doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just isn’t as fast or effective.

One Energy system I use very effectively is called EmoTrance, and this method is very quick, simple and completely Chakra free.

However I know these energy vortexes that are named Chakras exist. I have felt them. Sometimes they can be slow and at other times very fast and open. I suppose in this post I am trying to advocate that we do not rely on Chakras alone in any energy work, but actually work on the problem WHERE the problem exists. This has a backlash effect of speeding up the Chakras naturally and without using any tools other than energy itself.

Anyway, back to that vision. It arrived as I asked for help in understanding how my modern approach to energy work and the far more ancient Eastern approaches linked, if indeed they did. The conclusion I came to was that both are right but neither know the true details.

I found myself floating in a cloud, loose, without any direction, or purpose, and to be honest I felt a little pointless and confused. Then each of the seven chakras within my body came ‘online’, starting at the Crown. They moved very slowly as I floated there, but projected colours onto the cloud around me. Next I felt a click as one by one each chakra was plugged in, from behind me. I had an out of body experience then, within the vision, and saw myself attached via the chakras, through the plugs, and down a sort of hose to my etheric body, which I now refer to as my energy body. As the last plug clicked into place, the chakras began to whirl like fans and the energy body filled with each colour. The chakras were connected to the Etheric/energy body, and energy was being freely exchanged between the two.

I could also feel at this point the hand and feet chakras whirl into life also. But these were NOT plugged in to the Etheric body, the energy to these seemed to be connected to far more than that.

Next I was aware of the Chakras above and below me. As I became aware of them they appeared in the energy body. I then had that same sensation, but further removed, of these being plugged in, and I saw the same image as before except this time the tubes went into a larger body, not at all human shaped. This larger energy body was less rigid, and its form was constantly changing. It was also, through these chakras, connected to the other two bodies, etheric/energy and physical.

But as before this body had more chakras, and these were also plugged in to another outer body. In all I counted seven bodies of energy, all connected through this chakra system, and each chakra became more subtle, and further from me in the physical.

The seventh body had holes, no plugs. The energy feeding this one came from the Universal energy source. Where it went seemed to chance and adapt to where that SOURCE energy was needed.

While each chakra and body fed the next one down with energy, the exchange was not one way. The energy from the physical body travelled and mingled with the energy of each of the other bodies, and I felt like there was some filter system in operation here too, so that what emerged into the Universal energy was very pure, but also very much individual, like a note in a song. This pure energy was received with love that felt almost fierce in its power, and came back through each body, filtered each time, so that in the physical body it could be felt as a love that we can cope with, rather than be overpowered by.

Then suddenly I was unplugged from the Crown chakra. The world went dimmer and I was back in the physical body in my vision, laying in the cloud. I felt more solid, but less happy. One by one each Chakra was unplugged, and with each one I felt less than, sadder, pointless.

Happily each was plugged in again (phew) and I was shown the energy moving very slowly in the vortexes. I began to come to life.

I was brought to an understanding in that moment. Energy does NOT become blocked in those chakras, they never actually stop moving and flowing. If they did you would not be a human being, but just a machine, unplugged from everything. But energy does move more slowly at times.

There are many causes for this, but one big one is that filter system. If the energy is flowing fast and freely through each chakra the vibration is a lot higher in your body, and you have to be able to handle that. Not everyone can. The slower the energy flow through the chakras, the denser the vibration of the individual and the more physically and materially orientated their life is. If, as a healer, you open up the chakra of someone who is not ready, you can actually do far more damage than healing. Because they are not built yet to withstand that connection. Circuits can quite literally be blown.

But if instead you concentrate your work on the areas of the body where energy is actually blocked, the place where a person is ACTUALLY feeling a problem in their body, you can get energy moving once more, and this, by design, is enough. It allows the chakra connected to this area to gradually increase it’s speed.

The Chakras are not controlled by our mind. The control mechanism is far larger, and it is by our own journeying through time and space in this and many lifetimes that the openings in the seventh body grow larger, letting in more energy and accelerating each chakra. When you notice the feeling of a chakra vibrating or spinning you are just focusing in on the energy movement. You can change it only through learning, through becoming happier, and through holding that intention to be your true self.

I was also shown, what I would describe as Soul loss, or Soul disconnect. This was when one of the bodies received damage on a large scale and was either weakened or disappeared because of this damage. This had the effect of unplugging certain chakras entirely. It could happen in any of the bodies.

On the outer most body I was shown Angels helping to correct the problem, and I was also shown how darkness can steal areas of the seventh body. What was miraculous was how, when this happened, the other chakras opened wider and let in more of the Universal energy, a creative force, that then regrew those areas that needed replenishing. The Angels directed the flow.

For each body there was help available, but the further away from the Source the body got, the harder and slower this healing happened. In the physical body it could take many years, and sometimes couldn’t happen in one lifetime.

On death, It wasn’t just the physical body that was unplugged. After a time, the etheric body was also unplugged. At this stage the other five bodies floated away like a giant amoeba, but with some sort of conscious thought propelling them along as a coherent mass of energy.

And that was it. Take from it what works for you. Expand on it by ASKING for more information. Share it with others, discuss it. But don’t discard it as rubbish. I KNOW it to be true!


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