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How does the Soul choose the correct body to be able to live out it’s life purpose?

The 9 once gave me an answer to this question as a download of images. I have asked them to put it all into words for you now.
The birth process for a Soul all begins in the last life journey. When you die on Earth, there is a process you go through that many religions old and new have described. But it isn’t a harsh judgement process. That would imply that emotions come into play, and this is not the case. It is akin to going through a checklist, and ticking off the lessons learnt, or a grading of an exam paper, to see what you learned and what needs to be revisited.

The Soul goes through levels of transcendence as it works it’s way back to becoming one with Source, it’s original birth place. So what is achieved each lifetime, can take the Soul to a new level. Some Soul’s will reach a level where they no longer have to go through the amneatic layer. This is the process where past lives are remembered and the Soul may choose to not take on human form, but to achieve success on it’s path in other ways. These ways can include working with human kind through channels, or as healers, spending time with other races that are working at a higher dimension where a physical form is not needed. It can include exploring other dimensions and times, and volunteering as a walk in Soul if some crucial role on Earth needs to be completed for the greater good.
When it comes to a Soul being reborn on Earth the plan for the lifetime is put together by the Soul, the Over Soul and all Souls within that group, including those that no longer take human form. The plan includes learning that will ‘grow’ the light quotient in the Soul’s structure. This growth occurs through the quantity and quality of love that a Soul can hold and share through it’s vibrational makeup. Knowledge and wisdom also grow the Soul.
As a Soul wishes to experience all ranges of the human experience that are not possible without a physical form, some lifetimes may be, what you would term ‘negative’. There is however no positive or negative, only the experience and what this brings to the Soul.
There are many factors involved in choosing a human body, and the birth parents, at a Soul level, are involved in this process.
While many things are free will on Earth, if something has been ‘written’ into the life plan of a Soul’s journey in human form, it is 99% likely to come to pass. The only thing that will stop something happening is a death that was unplanned. Think of this life plan as being life force itself, pushing on, through any adversity, until it is born.
You can see this in your own life looking back. If you fight against something that is part of your plan, the challenges seem huge, and it is a hard birth process. If you allow life to flow, and accept new growth spurts, and life lessons, the birth is fast and relatively pain free.

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So the first thing that is considered when a Soul and the birth parents plan this life, are the ancestry of both sides. This ancestral memory stored within the genes, offers the right combination of traits to give the best chance of the Soul succeeding in it’s overall life purpose.

If you blame your parents for things that have happened in your life, know they were necessary for your growth. What are you NOT seeing?
The second thing that is chosen is a birth date that sees a planetary alignment that will offer extra personality traits, characteristics, built in systems of understanding the world, that will, once more, help the Soul to complete its mission.
Why is this important? The way the planets sit around Earth, effects the electromagnetic energy on our own planet. As beings of energy ourselves, both physical energy and energy on a higher vibrational frequency that is attached to the Soul consciousness, the energy of the other planets should be thought of as part of Earth’s holistic whole.
The planets in our Solar system are all held together by the forces created by our star. Everything affects everything else. The first time you draw breath, is the first time you connect your own human body/vehicle, to the Earth for this present lifetime. Down to the second, the timing is pre determined, so that the first breath brings into the body the correct life force energy of Qi. As this energy is continually flowing and changing, in line with the rest of the Solar system, a slight difference can make a big difference to how easily your life plan enacts.
So the TIME of birth is another important factor, as the degree in which a planet is in your natal chart, imprints energy within each cell of the body to begin the life process. As each cell renews, the memory within is passed on, retaining the information from the moment you were born. In effect your first breath encoded you with the ability to succeed.
There is nothing to worry about if you have a planned C-section, where a time is given to you. In most cases the timing still works out perfectly, and this is as it should be for the best health of mother and child.
The place of your birth is the next important factor. Not only will this determine the correct line up of the planets, but the energy of the place itself comes into the mix when you breathe that first encoded breath. Electromagnetic currents run through and around the Earth, and these mix with life force energy, solar energy and lunar energy, and the energy of everything else in our solar system to create an energy soup. The people and culture of the place also forms an energy…an entity that you are born into. This can be a help or a hindrance to the Soul’s journey, both of which are planned.

Credit Josephine Wall

The last thing that is predetermined is how your plan FITS into the greater plan of Gaia. Your plan must be in alignment with what is happening at the time you are born AND with Gaia’s Soul plan for her own ascension process. Her plan fits into the grander plan of the Solar system and our Sun. You are born into a TIME on Earth where your plan is most likely to succeed. Soul’s are not born into linear time. This is why you find people who seem ‘beyond their time’ with their inventions, ideas, and other creative risings. We offer you an example of Leonardo Da Vinci, an advanced Soul, who brought through enough memory of previous lifetimes in a more advanced society to invent things that could never really come to pass because the technology of the age was missing.

Time is not linear. In fact it is not anything other than a construct for humankind’s evolution, which is a separate journey from the evolution of the Soul.
Now you know this, can you see what a miracle of creation you are? Can you appreciate your parents role in you arriving in this body to achieve your life purpose? Can you feel gratitude for all those cosmic forces, entities and higher Soul’s that helped you arrive when you were supposed to, with the correct codes to achieve?
Can you understand the complex, yet amazing workings of the Soul? Will you now stop fighting and allow your life’s purpose to unfold? Can you see how you are set up to SUCCEED?
We hope you answer YES to all of the above questions and that this sharing of information empowers you.
We are 9.
You can read more of the Chronicles of the 9 starting here.

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