Today’s Adventures through a 5th Dimensional Portal.

5th dimension
February 18, 2021

I am an interdimensional traveller.

What does that mean?

It means I can recognise and travel to other dimensions of space. Some of these dimensions exist in my own World of I. Some of them exist outside of that container. Some are weirdly alien, and hard for the human mind to grasp. Some are familiar.

5th DimensionToday I went through the portal that is the zero point field of my own Soul, with the intention of visiting somewhere in the 5th Dimension, with a Pleiadean resonance.

I put on some music that harmonized with my intent and stepped into a bath of Epsom salts and rose. I find baths are a great place to travel from. It probably has a lot to do with water and the way it holds frequency.

I began by visualizing my own vertical pillar of light, followed by two horizontal lines, that form a cross, and all pass through the zero point field. I then visualized two diagonal vertical lines running left to right, right to left. I have to say this is instant now, but I used to do this one by one. Next, I see this as an 8th dimensional shape, spinning, encompassed by a sphere, which is the 9th dimension container. Once this Mer Ka Ba type vehicle is in focus, I step through the portal of the zero point field holding the intention of where I am going, and helped along by the music.

You might be wondering what I mean by the zero point field. This is a space at your very centre. It sits between the sternum and the solar plexus. When it is open you will feel it as an expansive space within you. It is complete stillness, silence, and possibility and is your doorway to other dimensions.

Today I stepped through into a tunnel swirling with pink, purple and white mist. I slid through this tunnel, downwards, forwards, through sickening spirals, sharply upwards, and then sideways again where I was deposited in the sky of another place.


The sky was blue but 5 celestial forms of various sizes were visible. It wasn’t Earth! I hovered, feeling my wings at my back. I hadn’t been here before. To one side a huge dome covered a town. The landscape was huge from my vantage point, but sparsely populated. There was a road, so I flew down and stood upon it, deciding against visiting the domed city. It wasn’t appealing to my senses. I looked at the road, which was more of a dry dirt track. The earth was very red, with small stones, and hard packed. But to either side the landscape was lush and green. To my left a hill rose up covered in young trees. I walked, birds singing, smelling the scent of new grass, and recognizing the undercurrent of late spring in the air.

5th dimensionSoon I came to a settlement of huts, very much as they were built in Iron Age Britain. About 100 meters out of the village, either side of the road, stood two pillars. A force field of pink and purple buzzed between them. As I approached it the field blinked out, allowing me to enter, and reset itself once I was through. I was obviously welcome!

There was a wooden watch tower like structure at the entrance to the settlement. A man leant out of the window above and waved down at me with a grin. I recognized him, but wasn’t sure why. I waved back and grinned. As I followed the road, which ran through the middle of the settlement, four small children ran to me in greeting. They filled me with such joy! I knelt down to greet them too, and they asked me if I had a gift for them. I felt in my pockets and found four sweets.

‘These are Arian sweets,’ I tell them, wondering where Aria was! ‘They won’t rot your teeth!’

The children took them and ran off laughing. I came to what seemed to be the centre and stopped. A giant maypole rose up, covered in strands of flowers. It was so high I could hardly see the top, but I knew it was conducting light, and was in effect a pillar of light for this planet. Movement out of the corner of my eye made me look around. A blue skinned woman, with elf like ears stood smiling at me. Her clothing was plain, different shades of brown, yet the way it was arranged created a rich robe. She wore many necklaces of different types and lengths. She sat down and I joined her.

Her smile was soul piercing, and I cried. This often happens. I get such intense, indescribably amazing feelings in other dimensions. The beauty of the experiences brings tears to the surface.

She told me we were on a 5th dimensional planet, and she was of Pleiadean origin. Then she told me that my DNA was galactic, meaning I held the codes of all races. My purpose was to bring harmony, and be able to see all sides and perspectives to help initiate deep understanding.

This rang true, as it is the heart of my experience on Earth. Then she gave me a necklace from around her neck. It was a pendant on a leather thong, but the pendant was a large infinity symbol, in a strange dappled brown material, that felt a little like plastic, but I knew was a natural substance.

She told me to look through one of the rings. I did and felt an instant jolt and took it away again quickly. Through the ring she looked like me, but dressed in white. She was laughing now. I put it back to my eye and there I was again. I looked away from her at the huts, which became amazing houses of purple and pink and white again.

‘What is this? ‘I asked.

‘They are goggles of truth. They help you see through the illusion to the truth within.’

‘How are you, me?’

‘I am you in this dimension. I am your Pleiadean DNA form. I exist here, because it is comfortable for me.’

‘Are we in the Pleiades Star cluster then?’

5th dimension‘No. We are in M63.’ At this point I wasn’t sure what that was. I had to look it up once I had returned to this dimension. ‘Try putting the goggles over both eyes,’ she said.

I did. They sort of snapped onto my face. Suddenly all was just energy. Again, pinks, purples, whites, some gold strands. Everything was in harmony, flowing. The road beneath me was golden light, flowing like a river. I could still discern her face, as if it was a place marker for me. I pulled them off and felt disorientated as I came back to the settlement.

‘Use over the left eye to see the intuitive deeper truth,’ she said. ‘Use over the right eye to see the rational deeper truth. But be very careful using them over both eyes in your dimension on Earth. Only use them this way in short bursts at places you know are harmonized. Earth’s energies are such a mixture of frequencies, undercurrents and stress points, you will confuse the mind. Slowly get used to the goggles.’

I could well imagine that using them over both eyes was going to be difficult!

We talked a little longer, about things that are too personal for me to share at this time. And then I left, thanking her. She reminded me to come back whenever I wanted. I rose up to the portal in the sky, coming back nearly instantly to my now cold bathwater!

I have just looked up M63 or Messier 63 as it is called. It is the Sunflower Galaxy, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. It consists of a central disc surrounded by many short spiral arm segments. It is part of the M51 group of galaxies that also includes the ‘Whirlpool Galaxy’. I have never heard of the Sunflower Galaxy before, but I know I will be revisiting!


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By Kirsten Ivatts

Kirsten Ivatts is a guide, mentor and Soul Friend to the awakened Soul. She is an author, interdimensional traveller, galactic shaman, oracle, teacher and healer.

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