Lunar New Year Portals, Tiredness and Atlanteans.


Every week I do a LIVE in my Magical Community of I  free Facebook Group. I always ask people what they want me to talk about, and this week I was asked to speak about why the moon effects our sleep patterns, especially at the time of writing, when many seem to be suffering disturbed sleep. I was also keen to ask why the lunar new year seemed to be an intense tie for many.

I was prompted to ask the 9 the following questions, which I then talked about on the LIVE. You can watch it by joining the group.


Why are so many of us suffering from sleep loss or disrupted sleep patterns right now?

Last year, around the Lunar new year, many people began to awaken, and those already awakened went through a transitional process, which for many was painful, but brought them into alignment with their sovereignty.

This year something slightly different is happening. There are new people joining the throngs of awakened ones, but those who transitioned last year are undergoing a biological and energetic transformation which is bringing them closer to the silicone/carbon beings that humanity is evolving into.

This means markers within DNA will switch on, and new areas of the brain will fire up. These markers are what could be considered ‘alien’ in origin as they are ancient DNA strands that are from other humanoid species.

This is causing loss of sleep as there is a shifting between dimensional states and indeed physical matter and energetic matter. At times sleep is happening, but you are unaware of it, as you seem to be awake. This is actually a process of body going into sleep mode while changes occur, while the Soul is conscious of the changes. Those who have transitioned into 5D, and whose souls and heart/mind are now in alignment, will be conscious through this process. Time is also warped, and the human brain, in its attempt to make sense of it, will instead put it down to insufficient sleep, and so will trigger body reactions to keep this belief going. In effect you believe you are tired.

Yet we tell you that you are not as tired as you think you are!


Why does this seem to happen around Chinese Lunar New Year…this big shift?

The ancients always followed a lunar calendar as the Chinese do to this day. The lunar new year on the new moon, is important as a little known portal is open. No matter which planets are in alignment, the portal opens each year to allow for substantial and often uncomfortable change, especially around relationships with others and self. This portal is open for a 6 week period that fluctuates, but is generally the 6 weeks leading up to and including the lunar new year. It will be noted that many people split up in the first two months of each solar year. This is often put down to the dark winter weather, The after effects of Christmas, and general apathy, but it is actually a growth process. You can think of this portal as one of new growth, just as early spring is an awakening time, so it is with you too. In southern hemispheres it is felt differently and lines up more with a feeling of degrading, decomposing, and death.

The planetary influences at this time act as a filter over the portal and so determine how the energy affects you. This is a very simplified version of what is actually a complex process.


Why are many people affected by the moon’s cycles?

Everyone and everything is affected by the cycles of the moon, but depending on where the moon lies in your natal chart, and how awake and sensitive to the earths rhythms you are, you will feel it more, or less.


Why have I shifted to being more affected by the new moon than the full moon?

You are birthing further into your sovereignty and this is shifting your frequency and resonance into the magnetic pull that is caused by the new moon. You are aligning differently with the earth energies; in effect you are utilising the earths energy differently to fit your own growth.


Why are we becoming silicon beings, when carbon has a stronger and more stable bonding of atoms?


Not everyone is evolving in this way. Only those on the ascension path are gradually becoming silicon based, and for many generations, a silicon/carbon mix will take place.

Carbon structures cannot vibrate at the frequency of silicon and stay at a coherent state, that consciousness can exist within. So, as you evolve, you also vibrate faster, and the atoms that bond as carbon, have more space between, allowing for more light to form and a ‘lighter’ being.


I then received the following information in pictures and understanding, rather than in words. It reminded me of a story I was once told by a Chinese Qi Gong Master and TCM practitioner who spent much of his early life in the Shaolin Temple, and in fact resides there again, lending his energy to a greater cause. ( when I get a link like this I know it is related.)

I cannot fully recall the story, it was told to me about 25 years ago now, but basically one of the monks, who spent the majority of his life in meditation, eventually died (at a ripe old age, of something like 160 years old). Now I cannot remember if he was autopsied, but inside his ‘store’, the energy center in the stomach, they found a crystal that had formed. The crystal is housed in a cabinet inside one of the temples, n the mountains.

Here is the gist of what I saw.

Quartz was used by Atlanteans to leave behind the information for us to receive….but this isn’t quite right. The quartz they left behind is the Atlanteans physical being itself…the encoded structure of DNA, gene banks, memories, etc is stored within the quartz. They didn’t put it into the quartz, the quartz is them. This blew my mind! Let me be clear…not all quartz is an Atlantean being! But some quartz is the remains of this ancient civilisation. And yes it is encoded with everything that they were. Right down to the atomic level.

There were other things that I was getting the scent of, but haven’t got the full information yet. Usually this is because either the timing isn’t right to receive it, or I don’t have the right knowledge to understand it. If the second is the case The 9 will lead me to that knowledge. I will keep you posted!


Image is by Louisa Firethorne and can be found here:

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