Feelings at Christmas and How to See the Gift That They Are.

Christmas Candle

Christmas is a time where feelings can rise to the surface. These feelings are triggered by others, if we see the world through a victim mentality, which is the most common viewpoint for humanity at this time. This viewpoint is so common that most of you reading this will be now feeling triggered by my words.

Before I go on, I must say that my words ALWAYS sit within the vibration of pure love. I look at you and see the beauty of a Soul that is an aspect, or personality of me. I see myself as an aspect or personality of you. We are all one.

When thinking about what to write about feelings today, the following came to me.

Don’t look for validation of your feelings in others. That conveys self-doubt, and is indeed, poverty consciousness. If you have a feeling it is worthy of your attention. It has something for you. It is a gift to the world.

This doesn’t mean that you unconsciously pour it out ON the world. Nor does it mean you instantly express it by pouring it out on others. This is your feeling, and it is what makes you human. It is a glorious gift to feel a feeling, no matter if you perceive it as positive or negative. By expressing it before you have time to sit with it, you not only lose out on the gift held within it, but you are also still seeking validation from the outside world that you are whole.

Nothing outside of you will make you feel whole. No person will complete you; no amount of money will bring you abundance, no amount of love will stop loneliness. All these things come from within.

So, when your feelings surface, take a moment and breathe into them. Hold a hand over them and be aware of where they surface in the body. Be amazed by the creative force that you are to bring such a feeling into the world. When you feel calm, ask the feeling what wisdom it has for you at its core.

Do this for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings to truly appreciate the full spectrum of your creative being.

Feelings are not generated in response to the outer world. They are generated in response to something that you need to be aware of within. No one can MAKE you feel anything. Only you can allow a situation to bring up something within you that, given the right attention, expands you into greater wholeness.

Once you feel calm and have gained clarity, you will know whether your feeling was a gift, just for you, or a gift to share with the world. You can then express the feeling with great love and grace. You are not doing this for others to respond, but to release the energy into the world. Others then choose what to do with that energy. But you will have let it go and have achieved validation through the completing of that feeling.’


Our feelings are an expression of who we are. Not of who others are. They always show us something that we can grow from.

When family say something that triggers a feeling this Christmas, don’t react. Take time to explore the gift. If you see it as a gift, you can immediately thank the others, in your head, and feel eagerness to unwrap the gift they gave you. This is the way feelings are meant to be encountered.

If a child cries out that they don’t have enough presents, or they didn’t get what they want, allow them to express their feelings openly. Don’t scold them. Instead look for what they are triggering in you. Ask them, gently, why they feel that way. Allow them to feel their hurt, anger or frustration. Don’t offer them more gifts or validate their feelings of lack. But do find the gift within.

Children are our greatest teachers. They do not have the capacity to examine their feelings like adults, but instead need to be encouraged to talk about them. When they are upset, they need love and attention. Once they are calm you can discuss with them why they felt the way they did, if they are old enough to comprehend the why.

You can look to see if your child is mirroring you. Do you put a lot of focus on material things? Do material things validate your status and self-worth? If so, the child will do the same. This is not something to feel guilty for, but to feel gratitude for. Your child is showing you a way back to who you really are.

If you are alone for Christmas and are overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness, ask for help and support. This support can be whispered within your mind, so that your team in Spirit know you need love. It might be that you call someone for a chat, or you go and help at a soup kitchen, or you just go for a walk and notice all the life around you.

Christmas alone doesn’t have to be a nightmarish scenario. In fact, many people CHOOSE to be alone at Christmas to enjoy the silence.

If you have asked for help from your team of guides and angels, sit and breathe and notice it. These things can be subtle, especially if you are along way from alignment with your innermost self. But with practice and awareness you will notice the help that comes because you will be gifted with a lifting of the heaviness and a change in feelings.


People often read words like mine and say, ‘Well it’s alright for you to say these things. You haven’t experienced what I am experiencing.’

No one will experience life like you do. You are a unique aspect of Source. But I have been gifted a life of many dark nights of the Soul, in many different scenarios. I see them now as gifts for what they taught me, for each one brought me into more wholeness and alignment with Soul. Each one expanded my heart and my wisdom, and I have so much gratitude for everyone outside of me that was a part of them.

I can understand you at the deepest level of your being. I can witness your beauty and be moved and awed by it. That is my gift to you this Christmas. And I send each and every one of you the love that will help you on the journey to see yourself as a being of pure white light and love.

You are the most powerful of creators. Fall in love with who you are.

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