Lost Worlds – A Subterranean Journey to Atlantis

Lost worlds, atlantis
November 22, 2023

I asked my highest self for a message today through the Starseeds Oracle Deck. I am going through a time of transformation, much of which involves resting, unravelling patterns that have bound me to a life limited in perspective. But my senses are pointing to a time, not too far away, when I will be moving forward again, and so, each day I check in to see where inspiration lies (or is dormant).



Lost lands Starseed Oracle Cards, Atlantis


The card I received is Lost lands – Soul memories and gifts. You’ve done this before.

The image on the cards immediately reminded me of the subterranean city I have visited many times where Neptune sits with Yemaya. This is a ruined city on the ocean floor, with vast columns of stone, some still standing, others toppled and covered in sea gardens and corals. I know that I must journey to this place today.

I set off thinking that Neptune and Yemaya have a message for me. I stand on a sea shore, sand between my toes, looking out to sea. Gulls are above me circling and a brisk breeze blows inland, cool and mist like.

I walk into the ocean, knowing that my body will adapt quickly to the cold. I am aware on these journeys that my body changes, but I never ‘see’ myself to know exactly how. I get to chest level before the dolphins appear. They always guide me to the city. One laughing face to each side of me, I grab the dorsal fins and we dive beneath the waves.

I can always breathe under water. I have a sneaking suspicion that my legs have become a mermaids tail, and I swim with the same motion as my dolphin guides. Time and space are not the same on these journeys as they are in the 3D plane, and I am soon dropped off on what was once a road between huge columns.

I float in place, watching the dolphins disappear between rows of columns and ruined buildings. The light is a beautiful aquamarine, slightly hazy. I never can determine where the light comes from here, as above the ocean becomes dark. I feel at home here. Whether that is because I knew this place, which I always believed to be Atlantean, or because I have visited many times in my journeys, I am not sure. I know if I go straight along this road, and then turn right and then left I will find Neptune and Yemaya on their thrones. If I go right and keep going I will be greeted by three women who escort me to white marble steps where I come out into a place where I can observe myself in this long lost age as a scientist and healer. The area is coastal, and the buildings are very much like those in Santorini. They are built into the rock of a mountain, with verandas, and winding pathways connecting them. The windows have no glass, only wooden shutters, and brightly coloured flowers grow up from gardens far below.

I set off along this road of columns and not far along catch a glint of gold at the foot of a column to my left. Something is buried in the sand. I nearly leave it, thinking I should get to Neptune, but then I am drawn to the shining artifact with great force, so I scrape back the sound and pull out a huge ornate key. The gold is not encrusted or damaged, but shines. It measures 12 inches in length.

I look around me, wondering where the door is. I have never explored off this road, into the forest of columns. It is darker in there, shoals of grey fish swim in and out of muted corals, but I venture in. It feels the right way to go. Soon I am at the base of a rocky slope that stretches up as high as I can see. I get a feeling that it may poke out of the ocean, a huge submerged mountain.

I swim around it looking for a door, but the door turns out to be in the sea bed. I see what I think is a board of wood, stained dark brown. On closer inspection I see it is more than a board. I scrape off seaweed and move rocks, move sand and gradually reveal a huge door with a key hole. The key fits but the lock is stiff. Magic is needed to lubricate the lock. I see it free of corrosion, the metal shiny and new the mechanism well oiled, and the key turns. The door swings outwards and I look down into a pitch black rectangle of water. I know a moment of apprehension. In Egypt the ancients had a test that was not for the faint hearted. It involved going through a labyrinth of underwater tunnels. I wondered if this was something similar.

Of course my advantage was that I could breathe underwater, but the dark was SO dark. Just as I was mustering up my power to glow, a small troop of tiny sea horses descended into the gloom and acted like fireflies. I thanked them and followed.

The tunnel went down a good way before turning horizontal. As I followed the seahorses I realised I was heading under the mountain itself. I must have gone in about 100 metres before the seahorses gathered in one spot. As I reached it I realised another vertical shaft rose above me. I swam up and came out of the water. It was dark, but my eyes could just make out an iron ladder fastened to the wall, and I climbed up to a platform. The platform was paved with rectangular stone blocks, perfectly slotted together. I couldn’t see them, but I knew they were white.

An ancient memory came to me, and I reached out to find the wall to my left. I said, ‘Let there be light!’

Nothing happened. I knew that there was a crystalline energy system here, and that I could turn it on with the right words. I thought I had the right words! I did, it was just the wrong language. I breathed deeply and dug down deep into my ancient memories, and instead uttered the words , ‘ Um il a bat!’

The lights came on instantly and before me stretched an oval shaped library. A man stood in the centre and he greeted me with, ‘At last! It has been a long time I have been dormant.’

I walk towards him gaping at the rows of books stretching upwards. The energy system must have switched on this hologram of a man. I ask him if this is so, but he says instead, ‘I am a memory stored here, in the crystals. I am the Librarian. This library was saved for eternity when Atlantis fell’.

He plants a round black disc with a white sigil into my hand. It dissolves into my skin. ‘Your DNA now holds the access codes for this library. You can come back instantly whenever you like. You are of the blood line and soul ancestry. The library holds the knowledge of Atlantis, Lemuria, off world races and planetary systems.’

As he speaks I see a door behind him. ‘What’s through there?’

‘I would think it is all in ruin now. I cannot leave this room. The energy system was routed for the library only when we had news of the destruction coming our way. But you may look.’

Ever curious I open the door. I can only see as far as the light from the room permits, but there is dust and rubble, and nothing more. I shut the door. What I came for is this library. Perhaps some other time I will explore further at the time before the destruction.

I look around not knowing where to start with all this information. ‘You begin with your own family,’ he says. He brings up a screen in the air over a console with a pearlescent pad and a button. ‘Begin with Kandor and Shivi. Shivi was a scientist and healer.’

‘I think I know her. She was me. The one who invented a technology using Citrine and selenite for healing?’

‘Yes! She was the mother of Kandor. Shivi lived to the age of around 350 years and Kandor to around 500 years in age.’

The screen in front of me has 8 thick books on it. I look at the writing on the covers but can’t decipher it. I wonder how I can read them.

‘Don’t worry. You don’t read them, you download them into your DNA, just like you did with the disc. The books will be retained here, but you will hold all of the knowledge in them. Place your left hand on the pad, relax, and then press the button.’

I do as he says. I can feel the energy moving through my hand but once in my body it sinks to a level I cannot consciously reach. I look at the console and it is blank. I presume that means the download is finished. As soon as I have the information with in me, I know Shivi was 354 at time of death and Kandor was 498. They both lived in an enlightened age of Atlantis, the middle period. Kandor was a historian, and a type of scientist that I can’t quite grasp. He departed his body when he had done all he wanted to do in one lifetime, laying down to sleep.

‘Now here are Shivi’s writings,’ the Librarian says. The screen has piles of papers and pamphlets, notebooks and a couple of books. I smile in recognition of these. They are far less ordered than the neat books of her son. They are more me.

I do the same thing to download all of this information and the screen goes blank.

‘That is more than enough to be getting on with I think!’ the Librarian says with a smile.

‘But how do I access the information?’

‘Some will trickle through as needed,’ (I know this is true because it is already occurring), ‘And for the other, sit and ask for the knowledge. Then simply write it!’

Simply write it, I think. I could be here years. Perhaps I will have to be specific in accessing the information, asking the right questions to get to the important knowledge that can be of help to myself and the rest of humanity now.

Already information is surfacing in words and pictures…and knowings. I thank the librarian and leave to my own time and place.

The knowings that are coming are expanding and it makes it hard to write it all down because it is like I always knew it, and how do I separate that from everything else?

For instance, the knowledge of the colonisation of this planet by different species, the merging of Atlantean and Lemurian cultures, as well as those of ‘slave’ races originating on Earth. The leaving of factions, the gradual dulling down of intelligence as less of the advanced races were left to mate. The turning off of brain functionality as those advanced races became further in the past. The technological advancement of Atlantis in its final years that led to a pact with ‘The Greys’, to help each party find there way to ascension using only ‘left brained’ thinking. The conflict between these peoples and those who remembered the Middle Ages of Atlantis, when it was a Galactic nation and housed many great minds form off world cultures. The gradual ‘forgetting’ as lifespans decreased as the native bloodlines become stronger. The war that destroyed Niburu and Mars, created the Asteroid belt and threw all of this solar system into chaos, making even Earth barely habitable. The war that destroyed Atlantis.

It is all implanted now, as if I always knew, and I wonder how long it will be before I cannot distinguish between it and my own ‘previous’ memories. I don’t suppose it matters.

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