The Human Evolutionary Process, And How We Block It.

Human Evolutionary Process by Kirsten Ivatts
January 10, 2023

Call it ‘shifting to 4D, 5D or 6D’, but don’t use labels to mask your individual experience of the human evolutionary process. You don’t need to keep up, this creates a resistance (or block), but surrender your control entirely and progress in the manner, way and time that is correct for you. Because if its correct for you, it is correct for the Human Evolutionary Process.

In fact, changing the word ‘evolution’ to growth may be a better way for us all to understand what is happening to the human race now. Nobody grows at exactly the same rate. My grandsons are identical twins, yet one is taller than the other, and both have developed differently mentally and emotionally.

It can be confusing when, those of us having a growth spurt encounter others who are way behind us. It isn’t what they do or what they say…we can understand that, even though we don’t align with it. We can see the jigsaw of their lives and how they came to be who they are today, and often, how they could heal and grow themselves. But we often wonder why these people are still in our lives at all, because we feel like the planet we are living on is totally different to theirs. It is. And it isn’t. Nothing is ever black and white!

We connect with the labels of other dimensional realities. There is a big focus right now in the movement into 5D for instance, and what that feels like, looks like etc. But this focus is blocking our own personal growth. You cannot read or listen to someone else’s growth/evolution and match it to your own. If you try you will block what is correct for you. You can empathise with the words some people use, because their experience is in line with your own. But we are still (hate to say it, but it’s true), in the early days of this Human Evolutionary Process. And because of this very, very few people around the planet are at a matching frequency (which is 7D and above).

Think of a triangle. At the bottom are the largest majority of humanity, and each tier becomes smaller and smaller. We are trying to get to the very tip of the pyramid (there isn’t a tip yet), because that is a gateway to the singularity/Source/oneness. Through that gateway is nothingness. It is where we all came from, and what all Souls are growing into.

Now as a human that is disappointing. Why would you grow to the point of being nothing at all? Because nothingness is always pure potential. It is the stuff of creation. When we become nothing, we are of greatest service to everything. When we become nothing, we can be recreated into something else.

Think of Source/God as a huge being of energy. This being has spread its energy out over a vast expanse of space/time. Our own evolution, and that of every other thing in the Universe is in fact Source gathering back, or reclaiming its energy so it can grow itself into something more. We can learn from that information!

We spend a lot of time listening to people telling us what it is like to die, what it is like in other dimensions, what the shift on Earth will look like. There is nothing wrong with this…but what we must understand is that this is all happening within the body of Source. All these realities, entities, spiritual rungs on the ladder, heavens’ and hells’ exist within Source. True ascension takes you beyond all of it. True ascension takes you BEYOND Source into potentiality. When you become nothing at all you have ascended. You become the air Source breathes if you like. You become the life force energy beyond Source.

For most people this knowledge is triggering and confronting. There is no reward at the end. Nothing to show what you have achieved. But you won’t care because YOU won’t exist at all. This isn’t death, this is the end of the cycle of death, this is out past the 144 dimensions, this is unimaginable because there is no imagination.

There is a part of you that knows and avoids this. This part of you wishes to dwell in the bliss states of higher dimensional reality, because there seems to be just reward there. Although when you ARE there you will be inexplicably drawn, funnelled, towards that single point at the top of the pyramid, in ever increasing speed as you become more light.

You know this too, because you are Source. You know everything. But you don’t want to see. And so you resist this knowledge and by resisting you hamper your next growth spurt because every growth spurt takes you one step closer to nothingness. The human ego cannot feel happy with nothingness because it doesn’t understand it. So it protects itself by blocking this memory flow of what ascension really means.

Yet in nothingness you are of the greatest service of all. As nothingness you sacrifice yourself for the greater good…not of humanity, the planet or the sun, but of Source. As a (not THE) creator being, Source can then evolve and create in new ways that our brains could never conceive of. By doing this Source will once more expend energy outwards thus beginning a new cycle. Yet this cycle will be a cycle within a cycle, your efforts feeding this expansion, your growth becoming a new blooming of life.

There is no human way to stop the ego blocking you on this journey. It is only once you ascend out of the human world, where there is no ego, that you will be free to see all the knowledge out there and use it to forward your process towards that singularity. But KNOWING the truth, and surrendering your thoughts and feelings into that knowledge will help.

There is nothing to fear.


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