A Message from Lady Portia

Do you feel like the world is an unjust place? Like the corrupt get everything and those who strive to do their utmost to be good, loving and of service, get very little in return?

Do you feel like your hard work goes unseen, unrewarded? Like your voice amounts to nothing at all, even when joining in with others?
I have a strong message today. It came through from one of my ‘team’, who goes by the name, Lady Portia. You may know her as an Ascended Master, Lord of Karma, but I know her as a woman sitting in a beautiful Tudor garden who has been with me all my life.
‘What matters most in your world? Do you tend to it? As you look around you, at media, listen to friends, and see all that appears unjust, does it anger you? As you strive to make a difference, adding your voice to the many, do you still feel unheard?
When wisdom seems ignored, when love appears trampled into hate and fear, the wisest council I can give, is to stop looking without and look within.
The inner world is a reflection of the outer. For balance to be achieved, and justice to be served, the people must rise up…yes, rise up…on the inside. You cannot make the difference you wish to make in the outer world until the inner world resembles that which you wish to achieve. It is only by the majority, working together, to accomplish THIS, that the outer world will change.
I ask again, what matters most (in your inner world)? What do you tend to (in your inner world)? Do not take the views of others into this inner world. Keep this world pure, hold the intention and focus of balance, integrity and love. Let your voice ring forth, strong and true, on the inside, tending to the troubles you find there, not wasting your energy on outer world problems.
This is not irresponsible. Taking responsibility for your inner world is the most responsible thing you can do for humanity and the Earth. In this way you create an energetically high frequency, that spreads outwards and creates a network with others who do the same. The stronger this network becomes, the more people feel the urge to tune in.
For global change does not happen at a global level. It happens with each individual cell becoming a clear channel of light. A tiny cog, in the great wheels of humanity. The more cogs working in synergy, the better the outer world becomes.
Once this network is strong, and your inner world working in harmony, when you do speak to the outer world, your voice will be one of reason. Nothing will trigger you into anger or fear. You will offer rational suggestions, and see with crystal clear clarity. The grander plan for Earth will become apparent, and you will understand.’

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By Kirsten Ivatts

Kirsten Ivatts is a guide, mentor and Soul Friend to the awakened Soul. She is an author, interdimensional traveller, galactic shaman, oracle, teacher and healer.

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