The Parallel Dimension To my Own.

parallel dimension

In yesterday’s post I alluded to a dragon ride I had been on through a very strong portal, that took me to a parallel dimension to my own. Yet it wasn’t mine, it was the realm of a man. Here is the story as I experienced it.

Yesterdays 11/ 11 portal was intense…we have been feeling it for days, and it is still very much in evidence today. As I lay in bed on the 10th, the clock approaching midnight, unable to sleep, I slipped into my dragon glade. Seraphima was waiting for me, expectantly. I thought at first that we had some important mission to go upon, and when I asked, I got nothing, except a sense of urgency. This was a mission for myself then, not one for Gaia.

I climbed aboard and we leapt into the sky. Above the ledge that my dragons use to take off from is a large Emerald green portal. We usually take that one, but not tonight. Suddenly, at our side, the large black dragon appeared. He is Seraphima’s male counterpart (so in another sense he is also mine). His name is Alpha and they spend a lot of time together, flying off to goodness knows where. I have never ridden him. He is not one of the dragons in my glade. He comes from elsewhere.

parallel dimensionWe flew low out over the sea, and suddenly a portal opened, a dark shimmering purple and black. Both dragons seemed to know where they were going, and we entered the portal with no resistance.

When going through some portals it is akin to going through a tunnel, that is almost translucent, but at the same time you are moved VERY quickly, so that you feel like your stomach is some miles behind you. When I first experienced this strange ride, I would try and wait for my stomach, holding myself together, in effect, resisting the forces propelling me forward. Then one day the strain became too much and I just let go and relaxed. Immediately my chest expanded, I became energy, and my human feeling stomach disappeared entirely. The ride then became the most amazing experience! Hurtling through space and time as energy is liberating and brings that ultimate sense of freedom one gets when disengaging from the human form completely.

Then suddenly the tunnel doubled back on itself, a complete and very sharp u turn. Not long after we arrived at the ledge outside the dragon glade, except I knew straight away it wasn’t mine.

A man stood on the ledge. He wore a strange pearlescent armour, with wide shoulder pieces. He took off a helmet as we landed and greeted Alpha. The man was tall, dark curls atop his head, with piercing blue eyes. He was extremely attractive! I dismounted and walked over to him. He smiled and asked if I was Seraphima’s rider. It turned out he knew her in the same way I knew Alpha. And of course, this was his dragon glade and Alpha, his dragon.

We walked into the wooded glade, talking, discussing how this was so like my own. As we walked, I realised I was also wearing this pearlescent armour, though it was extremely lightweight, and flowed around me. The one thing I couldn’t get was his name. He told me, but it kept slipping away. Yet, like me, he was on Earth at this time, in human form, completing his planetary mission supporting Gaia.

Now at this point I knew this man was my twin flame. Yet I was aware it wasn’t the twin flame I was sharing my human life with. (Yes, you can have more than one, and not all are on Earth with you.) I also knew the attraction was mutual. It flowed between us like a silent river, full of magic and recognition.

We sat at his fire, side by side. He had no Magi, as I do, and any other dragons were not in plain view. He assured me there were more. Yet the waterfall and crystal clear pool were there, just as mine were in some parallel dimension. We eventually swam in the pool, and one thing led to another.

Eventually, I left him there and returned to my own dimension. Thinking on this now, with the changing of the guard message I received yesterday, I get the distinct impression that the new energy coming in is of the divine masculine. The energy on Gaia has been out of balance for centuries. Many think that we have too much masculine energy, but in fact we have a distinct lack of it. What we have is fear that feeds the ego in such a way that more fear, and violence, is created.

True masculine energy works to support and direct feminine energy. They are a synergy, working as one, yet still too distinct forces. What they produce, the divine child energy, is what will create a new version of Earth. The divine Child is all wise, all knowing yet also all innocence, and potential. The Divine child stems from the zero point of nothingness, the great womb of creation, yet the form and the potential it takes is fluid.

Balance is in great need of restoration. This is the time of change that will bring that balance back and allow the true Gaia to take form.


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Kirsten Ivatts is a guide, mentor and Soul Friend to the awakened Soul. She is an author, interdimensional traveller, galactic shaman, oracle, teacher and healer.

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