Silence – A Winter Poem

December 31, 2020

I love silence. Not just when meditating, but when sitting alone, or lying in bed.

Last night I sat at our spare bedroom window, which was wide open to a very cold and frosty night. There is a hill behind us, arable land, where deer roam on their way to woodland, pheasants and partridge mingle with rooks, crows and squawking seagulls. Once I spotted a hare, though that is a rare sight. Above it all red kite circle, and at night its the hunting ground of tawny owls.

The sky was clear, December 30th 2020…the year no one expected, the year I will always think of as the Chaotic Awakening. It was a full moon and the stars were only visible out of the bright light, that wonderful, atmospheric, magical white blue light of a winter moon.

The house was silent, out side was silent. I was listening for Foxes, so loud the night before. It felt like me and the great expanse of sky, me and the Universe. The silence enveloped me, folded me into its soft embrace, brought comfort, nurturing, a healing touch. And this poem came from this moment.



I ask for nothing in this moment

But the deep resonance of silence

Cloaking my very essence in silky darkness.


So many times I have yearned for this touch

And not allowed myself the time

To sink into the soft stillness of its all encompassing embrace.


So much is revealed in silence.

So much is restored, remembered, mended.

I welcome you always friend of my heart, healer of my mind.


Kirsten Ivatts  December 31st 2020

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2021.



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