Finding Heaven Within Guided Meditation


This Finding Your Heaven Within guided meditation was recorded live. On completion of purchase you will receive a link to the meditation that can be used as many times as needed.

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This powerful meditation was recorded live. The meditation was channeled and the language used holds certain packets of code designed to restructure the energetic body to allow the space to find your own heaven within.

What is this heaven within?

In meditation we search for the void, the space within us where we merge with all that is. For many this is a hard place to find, and it can only be accessed while meditating. I have managed to find and locate this place so that it is always there, and importantly my mind KNOWS where it is within me. This meditation is designed to guide you to create this space yourself, so that it is always with you whenever you need it.

It can be used as often as required until you can locate and sink into this space whenever you feel like it. Everyone is different, and so the amount of times needed to repeat the meditation will depend on the individual. This meditation will change you in a gentle and loving way. You may feel energy shifts while doing it. If so, relax and allow them to happen.

How will I know when I have found it?

You will have an expansive and limitless space within you, a space of complete freedom and sanctuary. This is your connection out into Source/God. It will feel like it is within your body, but it actually exists in fourth dimensional space, and allows access through to 5th dimensional space.



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