Lionsgate Guided Meditation 2023

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This guided meditation can be used at any time within the Lions Gate Portal window. The strongest time to use it is on the 8/8 at 8am or pm.

This meditation takes you on a journey to the Sirius Star System where you will receive the Golden Keys of Crystalline Consciousness.

Please check your purchase note for the link to the meditation. If you do not receive the link please contact me:

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3 reviews for Lionsgate Guided Meditation 2023

  1. Flora (verified owner)

    This was gentle yet powerful. I feel cleansed, like my windows were wiped clear, allowing a sparkling view of me. The word glorious keeps popping into my mind over and again when revisiting my experience. I’m a loving person by nature, however there’s been many blocks keeping some of it from reaching the surface. As I told Kirsten, I feel love oozing from my pores and that feeling is still here one and a half hours later.

  2. Wendy

    This was a pleasantly original journey through a powerful portal allowing me to relax into a very different way of being, while feeling safe, supported, adventurous and magical. A wonderful way to gain confidence and wisdom to embrace the remarkable changes we all face.

  3. Mel

    Loved this meditation, beautiful imagery, and nothing too complex to follow, and the pace was just right also. I felt like I had been on a magical journey, and received lots of light.

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