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Want help to up your game in 2021 by understanding yourself, finding your inner hero, learning to go on quests in your Magical World of I, and reclaim your energy from the pandemic?


All workshops will be a maximum of two hours per session, depending on how many attendees are present. This allows for a question and answer session. Sessions will be recorded and available to view after the event for a limited time.

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Before you set off on any quest in your Magical World of I it is essential that you find your hero.


Because stepping into your hero allows you to view your quest from an outside perspective. You become the author, the narrator, the director, the artist. You are involved, but far enough away not to become completely engulfed in whatever the hero comes up against. You are in control.

Cost £10

Monday 5th April 2021

8.30pm UK time/3.30pm EST

Sunday 18th April 2021

8.30pm UK time/3.30pm EST

The Quest to Find Your Band of Heroes.

Once we have found the hero we can find our other allies that will always be available to us on our inner journeys and adventures in the Magical World of I. These allies come in many shapes and forms, from personality traits to angels. Some look human, some don’t. This is a fun quest and ideal to do before you go looking for shadows.

Sunday 11th April 2021

8.30pm UK time/3.30pm EST


The Quest to Find Your Shadows

Once you have that band of heroes, ready to call on at a moments notice you are ready to venture forth on a quest into those darker aspects of your Magical World of I. Please make sure you have either done the Finding Your Hero workshop, or the Unit in the Facebook Group, and feel confident you know who your hero is before signing up for this quest.

Monday 19th April

8.30pm UK time/3.30pm EST


Reclaiming Your Energy From Another Person

Using my own technique of Reclaiming Your Energy we will take our energy back from another person, bringing it into our own system, where it belongs. This can have quite magical results, including:

Feeling recharged

Feeling happier

Greater understanding of the self and others

Aha moments.


Sunday 25th April 2021

8.30pm UK time/3.30pm EST



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