The Twin Flame Experience – Breaking Down Walls

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Those that know me well, are aware of my dislike of labels. Yet we do need to differentiate experiences in some way. The twin flame is no exception, although it is probably the most widely misunderstood relationship, on a par perhaps with the term Soul Mate.

Let me share with you the knowledge I have gained regarding both types of relationship, through my own life experiences (with a heavy relationship focus) and my interdimensional travelling.


parallel dimension

By Rassouli


The soul mate relationship is simply a planned journey with another in this lifetime, in order for both to learn something, or to balance a Karmic bond. The soul mate is a soul from your soul group, one you have had life times with before. The planned meeting and relationship can be romantic, platonic or familial. Many people think that meeting their soul mate will result in a romantic relationship that will last a lifetime. But there are no guarantees. Finding someone to spend a lifetime with depends on many, many aspects. All of them involve taking responsibility for your own feelings and reactions to others.



Twin Flame

By Izzy Ivy


A twin flame relationship is rather more complicated. A twin flame is the result of a Soul breaking into pieces so as to view itself in many different ways, much as Source does. Souls that have this ability tend to have been a round a while! So TWIN is a bit of a misconception, as there can be many fragments of this Soul.

These relationships are the most powerful you will ever experience. In this card by Izzy Ivy, from Beyond Lemuria Oracle Card deck, these two beings stare into each others eyes and behold themselves staring back. No walls or armour you have built will stand up to the force of this gaze. There is often a physical jolt of recognition accompanying this moment. When the relationship is of a romantic nature the connection is enough for that gaze to be held in silent wonder for a long time!

I have, at present, three parts of my Soul in relationship with me. One is my partner, here on Earth, one is the one I speak of in the Blog, Parallel Dimension to my own, and one is a friend. Each were accompanied by that jolt of recognition, and that instant bond, a shared soul memory perhaps.

All are occurring simultaneously, and all are intertwined in how they support each other in the lessons I am learning about love. But the hardest of these is the romantic one in this physical dimension. It is the most powerful in terms of awakening. It is the first one I encountered and it literally laid me bare, breaking down all walls to love I had ever erected. It was also, for this reason, the most frightening. Suddenly, in one moment, having all that you built crash to the ground, leaving you completely vulnerable, allowing another to truly SEE you, is terrifying, while at the same time the most amazing thing you can ever hope to feel. I wrote a poem at the time.

Breaking Down Walls

My thoughts are full of you these days,
Accompanying all actions,
Warming me with your love,
Strengthening my heart.
Yet one thought pervades all others,
Offering up no answer,
To its sweet mystery.
Years have encapsulated me
In protective walls of stone,
My heart held in dark depths,
Avoiding the light.
How then, with one smile, with one kiss,
Did you shatter into fragments
All that I had built?
In front of you my heart lays bare,
Vulnerable to the world,
Frighteningly naked.
Awake, open, new.
As I stand shivering, amazed,
You wrap your arms around me,
Seeing me in you.
And I know you will protect me.
With you, no walls are needed,
Your heart lies bare to mine,
Simple, giving, true.
Touching softly, stroking away hurts,
Offering me love in exchange
For many lifetimes of fear.
Perhaps I search for answers when
All I need is acceptance
Of the knowledge that you
See the truth of me.
Kirsten Ivatts 2009
This type of relationship teaches you about unconditional love, often in the most brutal ways. Other relationships would crumble under the force of these lessons, but a twin flame relationship keeps going, resolute. It’s like, no matter how hard it gets, you recognise yourself in the other, and how can you turn around and walk out on yourself? It’s impossible.
Twin flame relationships can end. But a deep and lasting friendship will remain. This is completely different with Soul Mate relationships, where often, once the lesson is learned, both go their separate ways, with no need for further friendship.
The other two twin flame relationships I have at this time, support this romantic one. My friend has helped me understand some of the depths of my partner, she shares many of his ways of viewing the world. Two Scorpios! When we first met in my hallway, I had that same jolt of recognition. It’s funny how we are connected across many miles of ocean, sharing the same experiences, learning the same lessons, or feeling the others needs. It always amazes us both how synchronised we are.
The other dimensional man, Petros, is a higher dimension of a part of my Soul who is alive this lifetime, although I am fairly certain we will not meet in this dimension, and I have an inkling who he is. There is a mutual support in progress on that higher level, which is harder to experience in this dimension. But it has taught me how this twin flame soul paradigm is complicated and plays out on many levels at the same time.
I hope this has offered some enlightenment for you. The journey to love is an inner one. It is your journey to take. A Twin Flame relationship lays bare all the places you have got it wrong, weren’t acting from the highest place, or from unconditional love. It shows up your co-dependency, your expectations and your judgements. It beats you to the ground until you beg for mercy, and then it helps you back to your feet and holds you in the most loving embrace imaginable. It is truly the agony and the ecstasy and not for the faint hearted! Yet it is also the most worthwhile challenge you will ever know.



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