Are you a spiritual person, a soul aligned business owner or a creative individual?


If so, like me, you may struggle with marketing and branding, because something about how it’s supposed to be done, feels wrong.

You might not be able to put your finger on why. You might have spent time listening to the branding and marketing gurus, telling yourself they know best and you just have to do it this way because how else will your business idea work? How else will you find your ideal client? And who the hell is your ideal client anyway?

After all, as an awakened individual, you are very aware that we are all part of a greater whole, and you are capable of helping EVERYONE! Yet here is someone telling you that you need to hone in on a specific subset, find out what careers they have, what they do in their leisure time, where they hang out, what they like to watch on TV!

Yet you keep on trying to make this alien system work for you. Because you KNOW it does work…for other people, anyway.

Then you stumble upon a blog post, and hey presto!! It’s all about branding colours! Surely you can get on board with that. You know how important colours are to the energy system.

But you end up disappointed. The blog reveals more of the marketing and branding MACHINE. The true nature of these amazing colour vibrations is covered in a few perfunctory words, mashed up with a bit of psychology (if you’re lucky).

There is no depth, no mention of chakras, frequencies, vibrations…not anywhere!


But you go to their page, and apart from a scattering of ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ it’s just a lot of very clever copy on a landing page. The type you’ve read before. And you look at their website designs, and they look the same as all the other websites out there…and your heart sinks. And you realise that the only way forward is to pay one of these gurus to do it all for you, and never look at what they have done, because you can’t stand how sick it makes you feel.

But then the new sticking point….how do you afford to pay them when you haven’t even started your business, or are not earning money from it yet?


Glumly you go and walk barefoot, breathe in the fresh air, pray to the Goddess, and tell her, you are exhausted with this.

Your soul mission cannot support you financially.


And it’s all because none of these experts GETS that vibration is ALL.

And you can feel the vibration behind the modern branding and marketing concept, and it is WRONG!

It doesn’t promote unity, only separation. It doesn’t promote compassion, only duality. It is part of a black and white world, while you live in a technicolour one!

This was me. I paid out money, I tried to put myself in the mind set, I tried to ignore the wrongness. But I couldn’t. As someone helping others to step into their sovereignty, I had to honour my own integrity.

I had to step up and say…since paying £1200 for a website, built by an expert, back in 2014, I have been looking to all these experts ever since for help, and every time I have been let down. I totally rebuilt that website myself. It wasn’t a bad website, it was just a normal functioning website that served a purpose and ticked all the website boxes. But it wasn’t me. It wasn’t mine. It wasn’t somewhere I enjoyed hanging out in.

I did, however, learn all about WordPress websites and plugins, and all the many ways to create a website, until eventually I found MY WAY. I created a website that I WAS happy to spend time on. One that lifted my spirit because the visuals were mine. The whole space vibrated at the correct frequency for me.

Now every marketing person will tell you, you are not building a website, or creating a brand, for you. You are making it for your ideal client (that weird person who you can’t pin down).

Here’s what these people don’t understand, but you do. When you vibrate at a certain frequency you attract others of that frequency, OR others who are SEARCHING for that frequency, because that is where they are being prompted to rise to next.


There’s another thing. When I had the professionally built website, I reluctantly sent people to it. Reluctance is a vibration that is NOT going to attract anyone. And hey, you can’t sell what you don’t love!


So why am I telling you this?

Because I can help. Unlike the others who SAY they can help (but have been and done the branding and marketing courses), I am sharing with you a different approach. Instead of giving our power away, we KNOW we need to step up and step into our power and say NO to anything that our intuition balks at.

My approach is simple. Be yourself. Talk to your soon to be clients, as you would talk to you. Don’t patronise them or speak to them as if they don’t understand.

If you want a certain colour scheme because it fits you…have it!

If you want a visually stunning website, that YOU LOVE to look at, because it feels like your very own work of art….then have it!

I know you haven’t got the time to build it. I know you haven’t got the know how. But you DO know YOU. And you DO know what YOU likes, and what brings you JOY!

My joy comes from creating the visuals and piecing them together into a website that you love. Or creating branding logos, that are not simple boring lines, or text, but bold and amazing! Or making social media headers, or helping you to create amazing posts.

And I do it in a number of ways.

  • First we talk. Properly talk. You tell me what you want, even if you are not completely sure of it…the talking will help you clarify. I’m an intuitive and I WILL pick up on your energy and help you interpret it, because I LISTEN!
  • Secondly we can use oracle cards if you need more clarity. We can take a peek at what might be holding you back.
  • Thirdly you send me your ideas, your colours. I can help interpret the colours you really resonate with. We discuss what your website will include (no I don’t send you a form to fill in…we actually TALK).
  • Then I make a start! I send some design ideas until we find what works for you. Then I build them into a website, and anything else you need. I show you how to USE the website, how to ADD to it yourself.
  • I hand it all over to you. BUT….I know there may be times when you still need my help. My door is always open.
  • Lastly…I know how hard it is to start your spiritual business. I don’t charge £1200 to build a website for you. I have a low daily rate that I use to calculate your build with. And if you have an existing site that you want changing…let me take a look! I am passionate about getting more people into soul aligned businesses that support them and bring them JOY! The world needs us. Humanity needs us. If you are online, you can be found by the Souls that need you.

I use tools we are both comfortable with, to help you.


  • Numerology to help find a great business name.
  • Colour therapy for brand colours
  • Oracle cards for clarity
  • Soul coaching, energy techniques and visualisations for doubts, challenges and blocks.


I am a certified Colour therapist, Meridian Psychotherapist, Energy EFT Master practitioner and trainer, EMO ( Energy in Motion) practitioner, Oracle card reader ( of 30 years), Channel of The 9, creator of The Magical Community of I, intuitive, empath, Blue Ray,  Soul Coach, Wisdom Teacher, Interdimensional traveller and rider of dragons!

I am also an author and creative being.

And like you…the vibrations around my business have to be a match for the high frequency I maintain in my daily life.


Welcome to The Divine in The Design.


To enquire about working with me to create your own unique soul aligned designs please submit this form.

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