The Parallel Dimension To my Own.

The Parallel Dimension To my Own.

In yesterday’s post I alluded to a dragon ride I had been on through a very strong portal, that took me to a parallel dimension to my own. Yet it wasn’t mine, it was the realm of a man. Here is the story as I experienced it.

Yesterdays 11/ 11 portal was intense…we have been feeling it for days, and it is still very much in evidence today. As I lay in bed on the 10th, the clock approaching midnight, unable to sleep, I slipped into my dragon glade. Seraphima was waiting for me, expectantly. I thought at first that we had some important mission to go upon, and when I asked, I got nothing, except a sense of urgency. This was a mission for myself then, not one for Gaia.

I climbed aboard and we leapt into the sky. Above the ledge that my dragons use to take off from is a large Emerald green portal. We usually take that one, but not tonight. Suddenly, at our side, the large black dragon appeared. He is Seraphima’s male counterpart (so in another sense he is also mine). His name is Alpha and they spend a lot of time together, flying off to goodness knows where. I have never ridden him. He is not one of the dragons in my glade. He comes from elsewhere. (more…)