What is an Interdimensional Traveller?

What is an Interdimensional Traveller?

‘What is an Interdimensional Traveller?’ I hear you say?

Very simply…it is exactly what it says…someone who travels within lots of dimensions.

That doesn’t help much?

Well lucky for you, in this here blog, I will be taking you on my travels as I explore these dimensions. In my travels you may recognize things, react to things, have a deep inner knowing about things. You may have to think differently about the world you know.

Sometimes you may think I am talking nonsense; you may put it all down to an overactive imagination. That is fine. I am OK with that. My imagination IS very active. It is the vehicle in which I travel. However, the nonsense part…that I may take umbridge at if you mention it. You can think it though. That’s your privilege!

This blog will also contain downloaded messages I receive from my ‘team’ who call themselves The 9. But it isn’t just the 9 because their name also contains two symbols. So their full name isn’t pronounceable, but is instead an energetic construct that creates a frequency that I tap into. Yet The 9 are also part of my Over soul, and so are a part of me.

So, all in all this may not be your usual type of blog. But it should be an interesting one, hopefully one that inspires you to set off on your own journeys, into who knows where, and bring back knowledge, wisdom and experiences that will change who you are.

If you are already an Interdimensional Traveller I greet you in kinship. I hope you will share your journeys with me too.