How The Soul Chooses the Right Body – The 9 Speak.

How The Soul Chooses the Right Body – The 9 Speak.

How does the Soul choose the correct body to be able to live out it’s life purpose?

The 9 once gave me an answer to this question as a download of images. I have asked them to put it all into words for you now.
The birth process for a Soul all begins in the last life journey. When you die on Earth, there is a process you go through that many religions old and new have described. But it isn’t a harsh judgement process. That would imply that emotions come into play, and this is not the case. It is akin to going through a checklist, and ticking off the lessons learnt, or a grading of an exam paper, to see what you learned and what needs to be revisited.


The Download – Reclaiming Lost Energy – Chapter 1

The Download – Reclaiming Lost Energy – Chapter 1

My book, Reclaiming Lost Energy is now available as a pdf Ebook in my shop. This is Chapter 1.


I often get what I refer to as a ‘download’ of information and energy in bed at night. I think of them as neural pathways opening to reveal new information from the vast databank that is available to all, if we were just aware enough to allow it. Some people call this the Akash and have rituals they use to access it.


I have found that many people access this pool of knowledge without knowing what they are doing. I don’t think rituals are necessary, although to get the clearest information it helps to be open to receiving it and not blocking any ‘downloads’ by telling yourself you are just making it up.

People are far more magical than they believe!


One such night, I got a significant download of information regarding energy. One part that was very interesting related to cutting cords. Many people cut cords, to sever the connection on an energetic level to an event or person, but I have never liked it, it always felt wrong. Now I know why!


Cutting cords is NOT the way to go about this! Neither can you release the energy that attaches you to others, or to events. The release happens, but from the other end. (more…)

The Chakra System – A Vision and Download

The Chakra System – A Vision and Download

It must be four or five years since I received this vision or download of information regarding the Chakra system. I came across it today, when looking through old pieces of writing. It  is quite fascinating!

Many Eastern cultures rely on their understandings of the Chakra (and energy meridian) systems for healing and flowing energy blockages. But what I have learnt in my own Energy work is that people have blockages in many areas of the body and by only using the Chakra system to work with those people, you are missing the detail. It doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just isn’t as fast or effective.

One Energy system I use very effectively is called EmoTrance, and this method is very quick, simple and completely Chakra free. (more…)