The Conflict Between The Ego And The Conscious Observer

The Conflict Between The Ego And The Conscious Observer

Why is it that we can be aware of ourselves as a conscious observer, aware of our shadows, fears, and how to process through them, yet we still get dragged into the drama of life, and must, often with great effort, disengage ourselves all over again?

This conscious observer watches over it all and can stay separate, yet the ego still takes part in something we wish to avoid.

When this happens there is a gap between ego and soul. The gap is lessened the more that you hold onto awareness, but there is a vibrational mismatch between the observer and the ego. The problem occurs in the brain of every single cell within your body that has learnt how life is from the moment you were born. The programmes that run in your physical body, run regardless of whether you know better as the conscious observer/higher self. So, the question is, how to bring the two into alignment? Is that even possible?