Kingdoms Lost – Chapter 1- Reminders of the Past

Kingdoms Lost – Chapter 1- Reminders of the Past

Kingdoms Lost intro

She walked into a haze of smoke and the stench of male sweat and stale beer. Hegard smiled and nodded a greeting. ‘Be with you shortly lass.’

She slung her pack down at her feet, but kept her sword buckled firmly in place. It wasn’t the worst tavern on the road, but men and beer often ended in violence.

‘You want the usual?’ Hegard asked, grabbing a tankard from the shelf behind him.

‘You mean you have something different?’

He chuckled and shook his head. He drew the ale slowly creating a frothy head, just the way she liked it. At least he kept a good barrel. And she was hot, thirsty and in need of something cool.

‘It’s busy,’ she commented as he placed the tankard in front of her. ‘Is there any food left?’

‘Soup and bread is about all.’

‘That will do.’

‘You be wanting a room? I only have the attic free.’

‘I’ll take it. What’s going on?’

‘There ‘ave been reports of dragons in the mountains. All these daft swines think they ‘ave a chance of killin’ one!’

She raised her eyebrows as she quenched her thirst. ‘Perhaps I ‘ll hang around. It might be entertaining.’ (more…)