A Message from Alina, Priestess of the Lion Emissaries of Sirius B

A Message from Alina, Priestess of the Lion Emissaries of Sirius B

This week when I asked my question the answer came from a very different energy. This wasn’t any part of The 9. This was a very straight talking, direct, forthright…and Queenly energy. I have never encountered this being before.


What guidance can you offer us around the Queen of Wands energy?


Wear your sovereignty with pride. You have earned your leadership qualities through your hard work across many lifetimes. Do not toss the crown away, because you think it represents ego, and man made power. Instead see it as your right to stand up and speak from the heart. Let your truth be the robe you don, and your sovereignty, the crown. You were made for this. This is your time.

Do not cower behind the rocks, fearful of what others will think of you. These others are the hyenas waiting to attack when you seem at your most vulnerable, however if you keep walking they will fall away, confused by your lack of fear.

All Queens need advisors. Do not allow yourself the opportunity to ignore the good advice, but do be discerning. Gather those to you that are on your frequency of love and joy, so that their voices help sure up your certainty in your mission.
As Sovereign Beings of Light, you are ready to rule your own divine Soul Matrix, more than ready. You are ready to shine as bright as any star. It is time to turn the tide on Earth. All who read this, take these words into your heart and find the knowing within you. There is nothing to wait for. All is now.


Alina, Priestess of the Lion Emissaries of Sirius B.


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