The Journey Within Reading Program


The Journey Within Reading Program is designed to take you from problem to solution in the space of one calendar month.

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The Journey Within Reading Program is for you if;

You ever had a reading, and then thought,

‘Now I need another reading to understand all the questions that this reading has given me!’

In one way that’s great! It means the reading set you off on the JOURNEY WITHIN. But it also sucks, because you are now at another standstill with no guidance as to where to go next.

This reading program is here to take you from problem to solution with my help and guidance. I offer hints tips and practical measures to try over the space of a calendar month.

It begins with a discussion, over Messenger, Email or What’s App to determine the best cards, reading and spread for you. Then your reading is sent to you via PDF (in glorious technicolour!) Then I offer practical hints and tips to help you follow the guidance in the cards, and a new card is drawn each week for the rest of the month to keep the advice fresh and relevant as you change. You can email, Messenger or What’s App me whenever you need extra help throughout the month.


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