The Blind Spot Oracle Reading


This is an indepth reading. Choose your card amount and remember to email me the areas you would like guidance on. (See the long description below).


Have you ever felt that something was blocking your forward movement but didn’t know what?

Have you ever felt you needed clarity on something, but didn’t know where to look?

Do you know there is something hidden from you that you need to understand?

The Blind Spot reading uses a unique deck by Teal Swan. Each card has a channeled Sigil drawn on it. These Sigils hold the light codes to unlock your blind spot and help you to understand your self in a whole new light.

There are many ways to use these cards. For simplicity I ask you to choose the amount of cards you would like and then to contact me with an area of your life where you need guidance. Depending on how many cards you choose, you may ask for help with more than one area in a reading. For instance, you may wish to know about finances, career, health, family, relationships or any other area that you feel blocked in, or where things are not going as planned.

Please email me once you have chosen your cards at:



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