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I know how hard it is to find your niche as a business owner. This report uses your own Divine Blueprint to help you really hone into your purpose and your gifts and strengths, so that you know how YOU can best help others, while aligning with yourself and so feeling happy and satisfied in your work.

I suggest also booking a follow up 1 on 1 session with me, especially if you are not super clear after your report. By talking with you I can help make sense of the interpretations and where you are at present in your life. This is not required, but it IS helpful for you.

Please make sure to fill in the details needed on the contact form. Without them I cannot create your report.

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When we are born we have a blueprint or a map of our life encoded within our DNA.

This map has been translated through astrology for thousands of years. The growth points, gifts and weaknesses of this blueprint have been shown to us by divination, psychic abilities and our own remembering. The I-Ching, probably the first in-depth system of divination was actually a consciousness of its own.

In the last 30 years two other systems have been brought to us as downloaded data. Human Design which came through Ra Uru Hu and The Gene Keys that came through Richard Rudd.
Both systems use astrology and I-Ching in very in depth systems that act as maps to our Soul and Human Consciousness.

The study of each of these systems, along with a little known one brought forward by Connie Kaplan, The Invisible Garment, plus my own studies of energy, and remembered knowledge and wisdom from my own Soul and those of my guides brought me to where I am today…a happy, purposeful human being who knows why she is here, and what how best to use her gifts in service to others.

And now I want to help you to hone in on your Niche!




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