Clear Your Money Issues 4 Week Course


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I developed this course to HELP YOU!


What you won’t get from this course

  • A burning desire to become a money mogul and buy lots of material things rather than finding happiness.
  • A larger hole in your wallet than you are capable of filling.
  • A re run of the Law of Attraction method.


What you WILL get from this course

  • Four tried and tested methods to tackle your own beliefs, habits, thought processes and Characters that are clouding your clarity around money and what it ACTUALLY is.
  • A better understanding of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE.
  • A chance to go forth and spread your LIGHT through your own SPIRITUAL BUSINESS


The FOUR METHODS I will be sharing are as follows:

Tapping on Fears

Reclaiming Lost Energy around the concept of Money.

Finding Characters in your Magical World Of I who are contributing to your money beliefs.

Using Oracle Cards to see what you are missing.


If you cannot make a Zoom session you will still be able to watch the recorded version, and speak to me throughout the four weeks for help.

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