Cat on a Log Blank Greetings Card



A single blank greetings card named ‘Cat On A Log.’ 6 x 4 inches

Printed on high quality 324 gram textured card by fine art printers.

This is Gobolino, my young cat, who likes to sit on the logs on our fireplace. Its a good place to view the world, and hunt spiders at the same time! Gobolino is named after the children’s book, Gobolino the Witches Cat, one of my favourites as a child. Our Gobolino is a very mischievous Bengal Cross.

This is my bestselling greetings card on Etsy! I hope you have lots of cat friends who love it too!

You can also buy this card as a print with mount.

*Please note: I cannot guarantee delivery dates outside of the UK. It is difficult at the best of times, but with current issues enveloping the world, it is nigh on impossible. However, I have never had a card not arrive at all! The USA seems to have different delivery times depending on which State you are in.


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