To know thyself

is the beginning of wisdom.

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I have worked in the light worker/wellness field over the years, with many mentors.  I find that Kirsten is unique because of the many modalities and approaches that she has mastered and shared in the classes.  There are so many tools in your toolbox as you learn, that there are many options available to you to work through your issues and challenges in life and as you grow.

Kirsten Ivatts is a guide, mentor, and galactic shaman for the awakened. She possesses the unique ability to perceive the innate beauty within each individual.

This extraordinary gift has not only blessed her life but has also propelled her soul’s growth exponentially taking her on numerous dark night of the soul experiences.

Alongside this gift of insight, Kirsten is also endowed with a profound talent for language, enabling her to effectively convey her deep wisdom to others.

At the core of her being, Kirsten emanates Unconditional Love, a driving force that permeates every aspect of her work. Her mission on Earth is to bring forth peace, harmony, and aid in the evolution of humanity.

With years of experience in various energy therapies and expertise as an EFT Master practitioner and Trainer, an EmoTrance practitioner, and a Meridian Psychotherapist, Kirsten primarily assists individuals in transcending the conditioning imposed on them by life, guiding them towards their authentic selves in alignment with their Divine Blueprint. 

She also works as a Channel and Oracle of Divine wisdom.

Through her own Magical World of I, Kirsten has developed inner journeys and methodologies to comprehend the shadow side.

As an interdimensional shaman and dragon rider, Kirsten traverses other realms and dimensions to acquire the knowledge and wisdom necessary to assist humankind.

For those curious about her astrological background, Kirsten is a Gemini with Libra rising and a Capricorn Moon.

In the realm of Human Design, she is a Manifestor, initiating through the Will Center with a 5/2 Profile.



Everything I offer is designed to help you dive deep into understanding yourself, ultimately unlocking the essence of who you truly are. I firmly believe that we all have a responsibility to embark on a journey of healing, growth, and evolution. While no one can do that work for you, I can serve as your compassionate guide, illuminating the path ahead. Through my carefully crafted tools, you’ll discover resources that you can carry with you on this remarkable journey through life. Together, we’ll pave the way towards finding your way back home to your authentic self.

Explore my shop today to book 1 on 1 sessions, buy instant access meditations and eBooks, and purchase a Soul Report that helps you understand the divine blueprint your Soul set up for this lifetime. 

Kirsten is wonderful! She opens us up to recognise the abilities we all have within our minds. The Magical World Of I is a fun way of dealing with our shadow aspects. There is no better time for us to heal and release parts of us that no longer serve us.

Kirsten Ivatts, a woman with long blonde hair and glasses, smiling.

A Song of Love From my Soul To Yours

You are the Beloved in sheeps clothing,

I see you still.

You are the unsung song,

I hear you still.

You hide behind mountains,

I show you the path.

You drown in your sorrow,

I am your raft.

I am not here to save you,

You can do that.

I am here to hold you,

To listen, to guide,

To uplift.

To share deep wisdom,

Bolster your courage,

Shine my light on your shadows,

So, you may come home.

~Kirsten Ivatts


These books are available in paperback or kindle editions on Amazon worldwide.

One of my favourite tools to help others on their journey to self knowledge ad enlightenment is Oracle Cards. Cards work on many levels at once, engaging different parts of the brain. The rich imagery of the card decks I choose can also be used as a leaping off point for an inner journey. Check out my book, HOW TO READ ORACLE CARDS on Amazon.

Absolutely love this little book, kirsten goes into the oracle so deeply and this will now always be my go to oracle guidance. Thank you kirsten…look forward to more of your books. Highly recommend .’

‘Good little book. Useful information in getting how to know and understand the cards before working with them. On getting a new deck one wants to work with the cards straightaway, this book gets you to understand your own connection to the cards. Really found it interesting!’

Book cover

A simple energy technique to reclaim the energy left behind with people, places and events to free yourself while also revitalising your own energetic system!

Check out my book, How To Reclaim Your Energy on Amazon.

‘Fantastic enlightening, relaxing read…and easy to understand.’

‘Great little book with some brilliant energy techniques. I can’t wait to start practicing.’

‘I really encourage people to buy this book and put in practice the technique Kirsten teaches us in it – I want everyone to experience how good you can feel after reclaiming your energy and how things that have felt very heavy and negative for a long time no longer do!’

I have benefited from Kirsten’s wisdom and techniques since 2013, when I had my first reading.  Whether it was a reading, a question I had, an Indigo Reading Group Wednesday Live, or classes in the Magical Community of I Group, I have always found that her insights were spot on, and really resonate with where I am or where I need to go in the journey to explore my soul.

The Oak in The Mist

The Oak in The Mist

My life ended a long time ago. Again and again and again. My dance with Set, in the liminal spaces, is a constant of endings. But to have an ending there must be a beginning. There have been many beginnings. The light of dawn creating muted colour in the grey water...

Know Thyself

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