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How to Read Oracle Cards is available world wide on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Scribd as an Ebook/Kindle. Or you can buy the paperback on Amazon.

How to Read Oracle Cards not only offers an original guide to reading cards, but more importantly shows how to use the cards for self help, growth and enlightenment. It challenges many ideas regarding how you SHOULD read cards and offers instead a unique method based on modern Energy techniques.

The exercises in this book will enhance your daily life and bring your intuition to the fore, while strengthening your trust muscle!

Unique Spreads are offered to help you dive deep into yourself and come out with new understanding and wisdom.

There is a section on how to use your gift to help others and to make money.

The book is clear and concise and will offer both beginners and more advanced card readers a wealth of information. 

Praise for the book:

‘This book is an easy to use, yet deep guide to using Oracle cards as a self-help tool in everyday life. Kirsten shares her learning from 25 years of working with Oracle cards, but where this book differs from, and improves upon, others I have read on this subject is in teaching us how to fully connect with our intuitive self to enhance our understanding of the cards, something which has grown out of her work as an Energist.

Kirsten illustrates her teachings with examples from her own experiences and sets practical exercises for the reader in each section. She also shares different types of card spreads to try, both when doing readings for yourself and for others, as well as hints, tips and useful links.

An inspiring and exciting book that provides practical and easily followed guidance on how to better understand ourselves and others using the popular and accessible divination tool of Oracle cards.’

‘Please read through Kirsten’s new book, it does work I promise. You must be patient, it takes time, but when it starts to work you’ll begin to wonder how you existed without it. Trusting that the Universe holds the Master Plan is comforting. The only thing you must do, is Be Kind, Be Honest, Be a Flower, not a weed & your life starts to unfold gently before your very eyes…..’

‘Good little book. Useful information in getting how to know and understand the cards before working with them. On getting a new deck one wants to work with the cards straightaway, this book gets you to understand your own connection to the cards. Really found it interesting!’

‘I like this small book and exercises. This exercises help me to learn to trust myself and learn that oracles could be a good tool to find the answers in the difficult time of my life. Thank you for such wonderful book.’