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The Zoom sessions will be on Sundays in March starting with 7th March With Tapping for Fears, 14th March is Reclaiming Your Energy, 21 March is Finding Your Characters, 28th March is Using Oracle Cards. A private Facebook group will be available for discussion and help throughout the course, and if you miss the live Zoom call you can watch the recorded version, and speak to me privately if you are stuck.


Most highly spiritual and awakened people wish to share their message of truth, wisdom and knowledge with the world.


Because that is their purpose. Especially at this time in Earth’s history, these people are needed and indeed many are turning to them now for help.

BUT…there is a problem.

Many spiritual people find it hard to make a living and so support themselves and their families through their vital work.

Why is this?

The reasons are complicated and convoluted but put very simply…most Spiritual types have such a need within them to help others, that it drowns out the need to help themselves. Is this YOU?
Most spiritual people also find the whole concept of money terrifying…yes that’s right…its not just that they think they shouldn’t charge those in need of their help…MONEY IS TERRIFYING!

Again, I ask WHY?

Money is an energy form that has physically manifested into notes, coins and cards, sometimes pieces of paper. All these physical manifestations of money are used to trade. People have traded their services for as long as people have existed! But the ENERGY of the current CONCEPT of MONEY holds a negative vibration, one that is picked up by people who are empathic, or sensitive to frequencies. We have so many beliefs and experiences around this concept that also hold a negative vibration.
This negative vibration is a mixture of all that is negative about the man-made construct Silvia Hartmann has so aptly named, THE HARD.
The HARD is not a natural occurrence. It is a group creation held in place by humanity because the majority BELIEVE it is reality.


The natural world is the reality on planet Earth. It’s laws, its bounty, its chaos, it’s freedom…all these are natural constructs. THE HARD was created to control. It has placed many people in situations they believe they cannot ever escape from, so they plough on with the … birth, education, career, family, retire, die… programme. Their life is mapped out. If they veer from this, they are chastised and judged by those they love the most. They are made ‘outcasts’ in a sense.
As a tribal being, that is not a safe or beneficial experience to have. So, many cave in and live in a constant state of searching for more…which nicely ties into the material world of the HARD, where they are offered more at every turn…but of course they need money to get it. So, they strive for money, thinking that will bring happiness.
This is a very simplified explanation of the HARD, but as a spiritual being, who is awakened to this reality and the negative, heavy energies it creates, you wish to be as far from it as possible.

But how then do you live on Earth and help those who the HARD has caught, and holds in a programme that you can see brings misery, misunderstanding and little real hope. Many people do not know what true happiness feels like. Isn’t that heart breaking? This system also pushes people further away from the natural world and the concept of who they are within it.

Spiritual heart
The heart of the spiritual person spends a lot of time in pain…because they can see the truth and want to help…. but they still must live in this HARD…which means money is needed. But how can they take money from these wretched souls, these people in pain, poverty, hardship? It seems morally wrong. It FEELS morally wrong.
Instead they try to pursue a job in the HARD themselves. Trying to protect their sensitivity from the negatives with crystals, meditation, or any spiritual practice they can easily fit into their waking hours.
This means they are working hard, constantly, to keep their head above water and survive.
Just like everyone else…in THE HARD.
They give, give, give. They help anyone who asks. They pray for others, hold healing circles for more. They open Facebook groups where people EXPECT their help.
Resentment, tiredness, wishing to be NORMAL and unaware of anything other than the HARD, wishing to go home…wishing to find understanding and belonging. All of these things are felt by the spiritually awakened, especially at the beginning of their journey.


But wait…isn’t this knowledge and wisdom meant to bring them happiness? Aren’t they supposed to gain happiness by helping others? Why then do they lack energy, food, warmth, love? Why do they struggle to feed their own children? Why do they feel like giving up, giving in, leaving this planet altogether?
Why do the majority of OTHERS think that the spiritually awakened are amazing, worth their weight in gold…yet not want to pay for their services…their experience…their healing light. All of which have taken LIFETIMES to evolve.
The answers are not simple, and the extremes I have given are not always typical. I mention them because I have suffered every one of those at some point, and at times, have drowned in them. And I know many other awakened beings, miraculous people, who suffer in the same way.
The biggest problem you have, as someone who can see the reality outside of the HARD, is that you become a threat to the survival of this construct. You are the apple that EVE bit into. Everyone wants what you can provide, but you are forbidden fruit, because the more people who awaken, the more those who perpetuate the HARD for their own gain…lose.
Awakening to your Soulful life, to the memories of who you are, and why you are here means you conclude that living from a place of fear and lack is not GOOD for you. It isn’t how you were MEANT to live. You too, want to help others find this awe inspiring space within, show them that healing is an inside job, a journey they must make the decision to take.
You too, want to help people step into their sovereignty, to be empowered by who they are on the inside, not by what they have on the outside.
And then you too get stuck in the gaping maw, the terrifying chasm of…how do I do that and provide for those around me?
And you will teeter on this edge for many years. Some will never make the leap into the unknown. Others will leap, and crash land, and then crawl back into the familiarity of a life of lack and fear.
And money will always stay a controlling, negative force…something you always need more of to be happy.


OK, so enough of this doom and gloom! There is so much you can do…yes you…the awakened ones! You must step into the HARD and its laws and rules to live on Earth. You cannot get away from that. But instead of stepping into it from a place of FEAR…which is after all playing into the whole game…you step into it from a space of ADVENTURE!

You KNOW that any change happens from within RIGHT?

Well to deconstruct the HARD, you must be a fearless spiritual warrior and learn the rules of these strange, often barbaric seeming systems, so that you can CHANGE them.

No, don’t run away and hide. It seems like a huge task I know. But it isn’t. You can use your skills. You begin in your own inner world, The World of I. And the very first thing you must do is to meet, heal, conquer and understand MONEY.

You will have characters who are playing out money stories, unfinished stories. You will have belief systems in place. You will hold a concept of money that fits into THE HARD but does not fit into your own world view. Remember that money is just an energy that has been made into material form. So, you will need to look at how you relate to the MATERIAL as well as the ENERGY of Money.

There is no reason why you cannot make money helping people to heal, empowering them, awakening them. It isn’t cruel to take from them something that helps you to stay in the world, so that you can help others. It is cruel to expect nothing in return for your endeavours.

If someone offers you artwork, a book, a healing session, in return for your own expertise, you welcome it. It feels OK to do that. This is because this item was created or gifted from a different energy. Most people struggle to pay for anything, so giving up their hard-earned cash to you, means the energy they give resonates with lack and fear. They may have spent hours pouring their energy into a painting, but it came from a very different energy. They can give it away without the feeling of lack or fear…and you can take it for the same reason.

So how do we solve this issue. How do we clean up the vibration of money, so that what is given to us, doesn’t hold that vibration of lack and fear, and we no longer receive it from survival mode, but from a place of happiness and joy at receiving?

We go back within. We heal our own issues first. We step into our sovereignty. This doesn’t make us into money moguls, who want, want, want. We don’t become evil or buy into the material world we so loath. We enable ourselves to live on the edges of the HARD, to eat, to feed and clothe our children, to be charitable, to fund projects to reach even more people. We enable ourselves to plunge into the HARD and awaken another soul with our light. We begin to see the light glimmering in the material world and know where to place ourselves to accentuate it.

There is another issue however. Spiritual work takes time. You must work on yourself, as well as others. You must keep your connection with your Higher Self and Source, to keep remembering who you are, and the gifts you have within you. This is on top of the housekeeping, child rearing, healing of others. In other words, to truly commit to your life’s work to the best of your ability you must give it your all. You cannot spend time working in a secondary job.

You must create a SPIRITUAL BUSINESS.



I developed this course to HELP YOU!


What you won’t get from this course

  • A burning desire to become a money mogul and buy lots of material things rather than finding happiness.
  • A larger hole in your wallet than you are capable of filling.
  • A re run of the Law of Attraction method.

What you WILL get from this course

  • Four tried and tested methods to tackle your own beliefs, habits, thought processes and Characters that are clouding your clarity around money and what it ACTUALLY is.
  • A better understanding of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE.
  • A chance to go forth and spread your LIGHT through your own SPIRITUAL BUSINESS.

In order for you to properly understand the four methods, they will be taught separately over the course of 4 weeks. This will give you chance to watch and re watch if needed, as well as practice what you have learned. It also means that time zone issues won’t cause a problem!

The FOUR METHODS I will be sharing are as follows:

Tapping on Fears

Reclaiming Lost Energy around the concept of Money.

Finding Characters in your Magical World Of I who are contributing to your money beliefs.

Using Oracle Cards to see what you are missing.

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Start 2021 with a positive money mindset!

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