1 on 1 Sessions

1 on 1 sessions focus on Healing

Check the information below to see which session works best for you.

Healing is a way to bring our selves back into alignment with our true self, the one we forgot we are.

I use my skills developed over many lifetimes to give you the opportunity to heal.

This can happen in a number of ways, but it is always you doing the actual healing, even if you think it is someone else! You are THAT powerful!

Let me be your guide on your healing journey.

I believe healing occurs best when we are in a familiar and safe space. The kitchen table was always the healing space in my home as a child. My home is open to you virtually, as a sacred space to heal. You will always see my in my home setting, and sometimes there may be cats present! 


A general healing session takes place on Google Meet. This session is very relaxing. It consists of you sitting or lying down with eyes closed while I follow my intuition to work with the energy of your body. Sometimes I will talk, if this is part of the healing, sometimes I will hum. 

I use a technique of my own which involves light language symbols and blue rose energy. 

I may suggest things for you to do after I have connected with you to help the integration of the session.


This session is great for getting to the root of an issue of a emotional or psychological nature. Often the cause is not what we think!

I usually draw one card only for this session. It is enough to give us the starting point to explore further. Depending on where th eproblem lies we will either talk it through, looking at other perspectives, do a little Energy Tapping or a visualisation to help bring about fresh understanding so that the issue can be transformed into a gift.



These sessions are great for shadow work. Shadows mask our original, magical self and our inner world has a whole community of them!

The good news is, you also have a community of helpers that can help you to find these shadows and offer them whatever it is they need to either disappear, or transform into an ally.

This is my own technique that I have always used on myself. It is fun and uses the imagination to visualise and step into, with all of our senses, our inner World of I.