ZAP! Enlightenment Moment!

Have you ever had one of those days… not the crap ones,


I had such a day yesterday and it sent me to such dizzying energy heights that I flew off the SUE scale and had to invent a new one!

It all came about because I was contacted by a Druid College that I used to mentor at, and who I had, a few years ago written a course for. Someone had actually decided to take the course and as I wrote it I was mentor. No one has taken this course in two years.

Little did I know but this was the Universe saying

‘Enough is enough! This girl is just not getting what it is she needs to do. Make it blatantly obvious quick!’

And zap!

So I read through the course, to familiarise myself with it once more…and to be honest I thought it was dreary. There was something big missing.


Now I don’t mean in the writing itself, but in the process I was wanting people to try. This course is about Becoming Aware of all the senses and plugging back into Nature and life, yet there wasn’t enough there, I had assumed too much, and at the time of writing, I hadn’t learnt about the Energy Body.

Like many, when I DID learn about it I knew I was using it, but the knowledge had been missing to me and so I couldn’t put it into words.

This course lacked any mention of the Energy Body, Energy Mind or Energy senses.

That was it…..I had to start rewriting, but as a self help book, not a course. There may be workshops ahead, but firstly a book.

And actually a second book is forming too.

Its funny. I have been itching to write for the past couple of months but anything I start grinds to a halt. Not this!


BECAUSE THIS IS IT! This is me writing about what I KNOW, what I have always KNOWN, but can only now put into words for others to KNOW too.

In two hours there were 5000 words written. Its flowing out of me and there is no stopping it!

So I just wanted to let you all know…

I am at +100….at the very least!!!!

And that is a really great place to write from.


Kirsten Ivatts

By John Hain on Pixabay
By John Hain on Pixabay

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